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3D Geospatial Data Processing Group


3D Geospatial Data Processing (3DGeo) Research Group

IWR – Interdisciplinary Center for Scientific Computing       HCE – Heidelberg Center for the Environment

We investigate the extraction of geoinformation from 3D/4D geodata (predominantly point clouds), which were acquired with cutting-edge Earth observation technology (e.g. 3D laser scanning, photogrammetry and SAR). Emphasis is put on the exploitation of multitemporal geographic 3D data, which enables near real-time 3D/4D mapping and observation. A major focus lies on the development of computational methods for 3D/4D geospatial data processing and analysis by making use of the full sensor data streams (e.g. LiDAR backscatter). It is aimed at increasing the understanding of geographical phenomena. Our methods and tools are applied to multi- and interdisciplinary research questions in the broad field of Digital and Computational Environmental Sciences. This covers landscapes dominated by physical processes (e.g. geomorphology), man-made landscapes (e.g. renewable energies) and strong human-environmental interactions (e.g. agriculture, natural hazards, health and geoarchaeology). Our research sites are spread all over the world: we perform in-situ measurements, program in the lab and simulate Earth observation in virtual environments.

Please check our recent publications and running research projects for further details. If you are interested in joining the 3DGeo Group as a student assistant, intern, PhD student or senior researcher, please check our latest job postings.

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17.04.2018 17:28
International PhD Defenses in 3DGeo Research

We would like to congratulate Dr. Milutin Milenkovic (Vienna Univ. of Technology, AT) and Dr. Xi Zhu (ITC, NL) for achieving their PhD degree in the domain of 3DGeo research utilizing point clouds from LiDAR and photogrammetry. Bernhard Höfle joined the defenses of the two very good PhD studies: Xi Zhu (2018): Forest Leaf Water Content [...]

19.03.2018 09:37
Third Workshop on “3D Field Methods in Geosciences”

The third workshop on 3D methods in geological applications was jointly organized by the University of Göttingen, the Geological Service of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW, German federal state), and the 3D Geo Research Group at Heidelberg University. The workshop is an event of the initiative “3D Field Methods in Geosciences”, which provides a platform to connect [...]

08.03.2018 22:12
ISPRS Education and Capacity Building Initiatives 2018

The International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ISPRS) is funding scientific and other initiatives, which will further improve its international status in the field of the photogrammetry, remote sensing and spatial information sciences, and will therefore benefit all ISPRS members. For 2018, seven Education and Capacity [...]

06.03.2018 14:03
Open Positions: Geographic 3D Point Cloud Analysis (Full-time PhD / Postdoc Position)

Heidelberg University invites applications for one full-time PhD student and one Senior Researcher (Postdoc) for “Geographic 3D Point Cloud Analysis” in the 3D Geospatial Data Processing Group (Prof. B. Höfle) at the Department of Geography. The 3DGeo group is also affiliated with two research centers – the Interdisciplinary Center for Scientific Computing (IWR) and the [...]

05.03.2018 18:20
Stellenausschreibung für Studentische Hilfskraft für Online-Umfragen / Webentwicklung

Das Heidelberg Center for the Environment (HCE) verfügt über zahlreiche inhaltlichen und methodischen Kernkompetenzen im Bereich „Umwelt“ an der Universität Heidelberg. Diese sollen über einen Online-Fragebogen systematisch erfasst und anschließend auf einer interaktiven Webseite visualisiert und zugänglich gemacht werden. Für die technische Umsetzung der Online-Umfrage zur Datenerfassung und für die graphische und dynamische Darstellung der aufgenommenen [...]

19.02.2018 15:29
3D micro-mapping: Towards assessing the quality of crowdsourcing to support 3D point cloud analysis

Crowdsourcing has been widely applied to extract information from 2D geodata sources such as satellite imagery. In this new study published in the ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing we apply this technique to the growing field of 3D point cloud analysis. This work has been conducted in our 3D-MAPP Project which was funded [...]

14.02.2018 10:28
Trace element partitioning in fluvial tufa reveals variable portions of biologically influenced calcite precipitation

Freshwater tufas are widespread phenomena in karst environments denoting important terrestrial paleo-environmental and paleoclimate archives. Additionally, many tufa sites are UNESCO world natural heritages, which emphasizes their societal importance (e.g. Jiuzhaigou, China; Plitvice, Croatia) and the demand for comprehensive conservation and monitoring strategies. Formation of tufas is controlled by numerous factors. The latest publication - [...]

01.02.2018 10:05
Vorbesprechung GP/Übung: Physiogeographische Geodatenerfassung im Hochgebirge (Ötztal)

Die Veranstaltung “Physiogeographische Geodatenerfassung im Hochgebirge (Ötztal)” wird im Sommersemester 2018 zwischen 29.07.2018 und 04.08.2018 in Obergurgl, Tirol, Österreich, durchgeführt. Die verpflichtende Vorbesprechung findet am Fr. 02.02.2018, 11:30., R132/INF348, statt. Die Veranstaltung ist eine Zusammenarbeit zwischen Geoinformatik (Prof. Höfle, K. Anders) und Physiogeographie (Dr. Hecht) und bietet die einzigartige Möglichkeit verschiedenste Methoden der Geodatenerfassung [...]

30.01.2018 17:05
14. Modellierungstag Rhein-Neckar am 1. Februar 2018

1. Februar 2018 - 14:00 Uhr Mathematikon Im Neuenheimer Feld 205 Konferenzraum 5. Etage 69120 Heidelberg Der Modellierungstag Rhein-Neckar eröffnet Praktikern und Wissenschaftlern die Gelegenheit, Innovationen zur Diskussion zu stellen, Gemeinsamkeiten und Unterschiede der verwendeten Modellierungsansätze herauszuarbeiten und den gegenseitigen Erfahrungsaustausch zu pflegen. Weitere Informationen finden Sie hier: http://www.modellierungstag.de/ Programm 14:00 Michael Winckler (IWR, Universität Heidelberg) Begrüßung & Einführung 14:15 Bernhard Höfle (Geographisches [...]

25.01.2018 09:52
Highly Cited Paper in Geosciences: Eitel, Höfle et al. (2016)

Point clouds and our 3DGeo research in Heidelberg are going beyond 3D, such as the new research project Auto3Dscapes. A detailed analysis of this research frontier has been published in Eitel, Höfle et al. (2016): Beyond 3-D: The new spectrum of lidar applications for earth and ecological sciences. The paper has just become a highly cited [...]

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