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Disaster Mapping and Management

Support of Humanitarian Activities for Disaster Management by means of Innovative Technologies and Services

User-generated geodata originating from OpenStreetMap or Social Media in combination with official geographical information from public administrations has become an important asset for disaster management purposes. Processing and aggregating these different kind of data sources enables humanitarian aid organisations and emergeny responders to obtain a comprehensive view of the specific catastrophe on site. Furthermore this aggregated data has great value to help determine the risks and potential impact in regards to the aftermath of such an event. To utilize the potential of this information we develop innovative services based on close collaboration woth relevant stakeholders and users.


  • Development and deployment of Disaster Maps and services to support disaster management teams and humanitarian operations
  • Development of tools and services for monitoring and quality assurance of Volunteered Geographic Information
  • Improving Collaboration of volunteers and professional humanitarian organisations by providing innovative tools and services

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16.02.2017 08:54
Two talks on Tsunami Modeling ended GIScience Colloquium WS16/17

the GIScience Heidelberg colloquium series winter semester 2016/17 finished last week with even two presentations about Modeling Tsunami based risks and exposure. We were happy to hear first an overview from Andreas Schäfer vom KIT’s CEDIM about his PhD on Developing a Global Tsunami Risk Model. Thanks for our partners in the HeiKA CrowdFDA project [...]

04.01.2017 13:06
A Route Planner for Every Eventuality - Report about GIScience & HeiGIT

Heidelberg University reports about some of the work of the GIScience research group and at the Heidelberg Institute for Geoinformation Technology (HeiGIT), which is currently being established and core funded by the Klaus Tschira Stiftung. The short reports are available in English and in German. Enjoy! Check some of the Online Services by GIScience & HeiGIT

16.11.2016 15:58
Integrating MapSwipe and HOT Tasking Manager

The MapSwipe app allows you to mark buildings and roads on satellite imagery within just a few seconds by tapping on your smartphone. Thousands of volunteers contributed to MapSwipe so far and it is just incredible how big the areas are that have been scanned (also see : With one swipe or tap you put a family [...]

08.11.2016 15:02
HOT Summit MapSwipe and Pybossa Video Online

The presentations of this years HOT summit that was held in Brussels (September 22, 2016) were recorded and are now available in the Youtube channel of HOT, the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team. If you missed the summit and are interested in what we are doing, have a look at the video of the joint presentation of [...]

27.10.2016 17:11
The Tasks of the Crowd: A Typology of Tasks in Geographic Information Crowdsourcing and a Case Study in Humanitarian Mapping

In the past few years, volunteers have produced geographic information of different kinds, using a variety of different crowdsourcing platforms, within a broad range of contexts. However, there is still a lack of clarity about the specific types of tasks that volunteers can perform for deriving geographic information from remotely sensed imagery, and how the [...]

30.08.2016 15:23
European Handbook of Crowdsourced Geographic Information

Recently, a new open access handbook edited by Capineri, et.al and supported by the European Commission - COST Action IC1203 (ENERGIC) has been published. This book focuses on the study of the remarkable new source of geographic information that has become available in the form of user-generated content accessible over the Internet through mobile and Web [...]

12.08.2016 13:11
Radio Interview on activities @ Heidelberg Institute for Geoinformation Technology

recently Prof. Zipf gave an radio interview in German about some of the activities of the GIScience Research Group and the Heidelberg Institute for Geoinformation Technologies (HeiGIT); which is currently being established with core funding by the Klaus Tschira Stiftung Heidelberg. The short radio broadcast (mp3) covers e.g. work on improving and generating Geographic [...]

10.08.2016 13:01
MapSwipe App for humanitarian mapping featured in Product Hunt today

today MapSwipe is featured in “Product Hunt”, a kind of reddit for products. https://www.producthunt.com/tech/mapswipe Learn more about the smartphone App that helps you to put a family on the map. It is so simple even children can use it but helps humanitarian organisations like the Red Cross and Doctors without Borders to better plan and perform [...]

05.08.2016 13:14
OpenFloodRiskMap Online combines Critical Infrastructure from OSM with Emergency Routing

some time ago we deployed OpenFloodRiskMap (OFRM) at http://ofrm.geog.uni-heidelberg.de/ OpenFloodRiskMap (OFRM) is a prototype web application to assist decision makers in developing alarm and operation plans for flood risk management. The OFRM hereby provides support in accessing critical infrastructure (CI) information in the OpenStreetMap (OSM) data base and to furthermore add this information to an emergency [...]

22.07.2016 09:03
An Overview on supporting Disaster Management through Crowdsourcing Geographic Information

The “Ruperto Carola” research magazine reports on scientific findings and current research projects at Heidelberg University. The current issue “North & South” refers to the „International Year of Global Understanding“ and features among others a short overview article on some of the work that is done at the GIScience Research Group Heidelberg with respect to [...]

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