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Navigation Intelligence & Location Based Services

Nutzung, Qualitätssicherung und Veredelung von nutzergenerierten Geodaten für Verkehr, Mobilität, Navigation und Routing

Während z.B. Logistikunternehmen Anfahrtswege stets optimieren müssen, suchen Outdoor-Sportler nach Routen, die ihren individuellen Ansprüchen genügen. Um solch unterschiedliche Szenarien zu gewährleisten, müssen skalierbare, zuverlässige und innovative Geo-Services geschaffen werden, die maßgeschneidert auf die Nutzungsanforderungen angepasst sind. Hierzu entwickeln wir global verfügbare Services und Schnittstellen, die eine Vielzahl spezieller Mobilitätsprofile mit wesentlichem Mehrwert für den Nutzer bieten.

Unsere Leistungen

  • Verkehr- und Mobilitätslösungen, Erreichbarkeitsuntersuchungen, Datenanalyse und Modellierung in Bezug auf Mobilität und Transport
  • Entwicklung von Cloud-Lösungen sowie Schnittstellen (APIs) für spezialisierte Routing- und Navigationslösungen mit globaler Abdeckung
  • Entwicklung spezifier Web-basierter und mobiler Dienste und Anwendungen mit geographischem Kontext
  • Langjährige Expertise von OpenStreetMap-basierten Diensten und Qualitätssicherung von nutzergenerierten Daten für Ortsbasierte Dienste
  • Datenaufbereitung und –management, sowie Hosting in Deutschland unter Berücksichtigung von Datenschutz und Privacy

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26.02.2017 10:35
Towards a Landmark based pedestrian Navigation Service using OpenStreetMap data

Within wayfinding and navigation tasks, the use of landmarks has been found to be a key aspect. In particular pedestrian instructions should focus on the delivery of “landmarks” to aid in navigation. Still the use of landmarks is not common in many navigation systems. The salience of features is an important aspect of whether they [...]

22.02.2017 11:42
GIScience Heidelberg presentation at Münchner GI-Runde

This week Prof. Alexander Zipf presented some recent work of the GIScience Research Group Heidelberg and HeiGIT at the “Münchner GI-Runde” of the “Runde Tisch GIS e.V. Munich”. The overall topic of the presentation was spatio-temporal analysis from user generated geodata such as VGI or AGI (Social Media). Examples included work on OSM quality analytics such [...]

06.02.2017 15:34
Special Issue on “Crowdsourced Mapping” Cartography and Geographic Information Science is Online

The Special Issue on “Crowdsourced Mapping” of the international journal “Cartography and Geographic Information Science” is online. Here you can read the editorial. Further this issue includes our paper on Deriving incline values for street networks from voluntarily collected GPS traces. When producing optimal routes through an environment, considering the incline of surfaces can be of [...]

24.01.2017 18:44
OpenRouteService introduces E-bike and Level of Fitness

We have been busy working on some new features within the OpenRouteService which are especially suited for bicyclists. For starters we introduced an electronic bicycle profile which especially comes in handy for accessibility analyses considering elevation information. To this end you will notice that inclines will not have such a large impact on the reachability compared [...]

18.01.2017 12:23
CAP4Access Comes to a Close

On Tuesday 17th January, the CAP4Access/MyAccessible.EU came to a close after three years with the successful completion of the final European Commission review meeting in Brussels. Reviewers were highly pleased with the outcomes of the project, both on the technical and societal fronts. At GIScience in Heidelberg, through the EC FP7 project we have extended the [...]

04.01.2017 13:06
A Route Planner for Every Eventuality - Report about GIScience & HeiGIT

Heidelberg University reports about some of the work of the GIScience research group and at the Heidelberg Institute for Geoinformation Technology (HeiGIT), which is currently being established and core funded by the Klaus Tschira Stiftung. The short reports are available in English and in German. Enjoy! Check some of the Online Services by GIScience & HeiGIT

03.11.2016 12:39
HeiGIT presentation on OSM analysis and routing at WhereCamp Berlin

This Friday, Nov 4th, Alexander Zipf from GIScience Heidelberg will give a presentation at the WhereCamp 2016 conference in Berlin about some current activities and developments in the currently being established Heidelberg Institute for Geoinformatics (HeiGIT), core funded by the Klaus Tschira Foundation. This includes latest developments in Routing and Navigation solutions, such as OpenRouteService [...]

31.10.2016 15:39
European COST action IC1203 reports about our work in CAP4Access project

COST action IC1203 is a European Network Exploring Research into Geospatial Information Crowdsourcing: software and methodologies for harnessing geographic information from the crowd (ENERGIC). The action has been greatly active in the past 3 years and is now delivering the results via their website as well as their Youtube channel. One of the outputs of this action [...]

26.09.2016 15:39
HeiGIT is starting to move into Mathematikon

recently the first few members of the Navigation Intelligence and Location Based Services group of the Heidelberg Institute for Geoinformation Technology (HeiGIT) - which is currently being established based on core funding from the Klaus-Tschira Foundation Heidelberg - moved into their new offices at Mathematikon Heidelberg. The group works on services like OpenRouteService and [...]

15.09.2016 16:13
Report on the 7th PCC meeting and 2nd Expert Workshop for CAP4Access project

The 7th PCC meeting for CAP4Access project took place on September 8th in Bonn. The meeting was focused on presentations and discussions regarding the works that have been progressed since the last meeting and more importantly, clarifying and planning on what remains to be done for the final deliverables by end of the year. From GIScience [...]

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