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GIScience / Geoinformatics Research Group


In Memoriam Klaus Tschira

Klaus Tschira

Am 31. März 2015 verstarb unerwartet und viel zu früh Herr Dr. h.c. Dr.-Ing. E.h. Klaus Tschira. Wir trauern um einen großen Förderer der Wissenschaft. Er war uns ein Vorbild, der immer an der Sache selbst interessiert, Humor mit kritischem und eigenständigem Denken verband und trotz seiner außerordentlichen Erfolge immer auf dem Boden blieb. Über die Klaus Tschira Stiftung förderte er seit Ende der 90er Jahre Forschung in Geoinformatik und beeinflusste diese damit auch international. In großer Trauer über seinen plötzlichen Tod und im Mitgefühl für seine Familie und Mitarbeiter danken wir Klaus Tschira und seiner Stiftung für die besondere Un­ter­stüt­zung. Über den so geförderten aka­demischen Nachwuchs wird diese noch jahrzehntelang Früchte tragen.

GIScience Heidelberg

Essential parts of the research focus of the GIScience research group (Geoinformatics) http://giscience.uni-hd.de are reflected by the PhD graduate school (Research Training Group, RTG) (CrowdAnalyser) (Speaker: Prof. A. Zipf). This group consists of several PhD students and postdoctoral researchers, who investigate the quality and usage potential of user-generated content (UGC). The main focus is on Volunteered Geographic Information (VGI). We develop new methods for spatio-temporal analysis of data sources such as OpenStreetMap or Social Media and other Web 2.0 projects, ranging across Twitter, Flickr to all kinds of geo-social networks. Several projects and services built on these evolving data sources demonstrate the feasability of their usage in different domains. Additionally, new methods for crowdsourced 3D geoinformation are being developed. Further research topics and domains of interest see below

Crowd Analyser Logo

Some realized services can be discovered online (e.g. OpenRouteService.org, OSM-3D.org, OSMatrix.uni-hd.de, OSM-WMS.de, OpenMapSurfer.uni-hd.de, HistOSM.org etc.).

Latest News

Further news can be found at giscienceblog.uni-hd.de (also as RSS-Feed). You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Our publikations e.g. in Journals or Conferences can be found on dedicated pages.

20.04.2015 20:10
Invitation to this weeks public Colloqium Talk on Indoor Mapping by Michael Peter (Stgt.)

We cordially invite anybody this week to the first Colloquium Talk in this semester of our “5 years aniversary series”. The title is: Indoor mapping by reverse-engineering of existing plans and analysis of pedestrian traces and the presentation is given by Michael Peter from Stuttgart University (IFP) on Thursday, Apr 23, 2015, 4.15 pm. The location is Department of [...]

17.04.2015 20:20
European Geosciences Union (EGU) General Assembly 2015: 3D Spatial Data, Analysis, Visualization and Infrastructures in Geosciences - From 3D Point Clouds to Information

The GIScience Group Heidelberg participated actively in the EGU 2015 in Vienna, giving talks of current LiDAR research in the PICO Session “3D Spatial Data, Analysis, Visualization and Infrastructures in Geosciences - From 3D Point Clouds to Information“. Kristina gave a talk on “LiDAR Vegetation Investigation and Signature Analysis System (LVISA)” and presented the LVISA system, [...]

16.04.2015 20:35
Launch of a new open access journal: Open Geospatial Data, Software and Standards

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new scientific journal in Geo-informatics domain published by Springer Verlag. Please share this news along with the provided information below within your scientific network. Open Geospatial Data, Software and Standards A SpringerOpen Journal, ISSN: 2363-7501 Editors-in-Chief Mohamed Bakillah, University of Heidelberg, Germany Steve H. L. Liang, University of Calgary, Canada Administrative Assistant Amin [...]

14.04.2015 18:25
Option for wheelchair routing now available within OpenRouteService

We are happy to announce that the first version of the wheelchair routing profile is now available online within OpenRouteService and goes into beta testing phase. Currently, there is a separate version (http://openrouteservice.org/wheelchair-2.1/) for testing that contains this new feature, which currently covers Germany only. However, after beta testing, it will also be available via [...]

13.04.2015 22:02
Report on the 4th PCC Meeting of CAP4Access project

On the 7th and 8th of April, our GIScience research group hosted the 4th PCC meeting of CAP4Access project in Heidelberg. The meeting was aimed to discuss the feedbacks and comments received from the reviewers of European Commission from the first evaluation meeting and various items where discussed from both theoretical and technical perspectives. As the normal procedure of [...]

13.04.2015 20:08
Colloquium Series Summer 2015 of Heidelberg Center for the Environment

As a funding member of the Heidelberg Center for the Environment (HCE) at Heidelberg University the GIScience Research Group wants to make you aware and invite you also to the open lecture series “Heidelberg Bridge” of the HCE in addition to our GIScience colloquium series. The HCE “Heidelberg Bridge” programme offers topics from different areas of [...]

12.04.2015 12:53
Colloquium Programme + Additional Talk by Dr Guibo Sun

The programme of the “anniversary edition” of our regular GI colloquium already got published some weeks from now. However, we are pleased to announce an interesting additional talk that complements our panel. Dr Guibo Sun from the Chinese University of Hong Kong will talk about influences of the built-environment that correlate with aspects of pedestrians [...]

10.04.2015 18:04
GIScience in China - Visits in Wuhan and Shanghai

End of March and early April Prof. Alexander Zipf from GIScience Heidelberg was invited to give some lectures at the State Key Laboratory for Information Engineering in Surveying, Mapping and Remote Sensing (LIESMARS) at Wuhan University and also at the School of Surveying and Geoinformatics at Tongji University in Shanghai, China. The presentations were about “User-generated [...]

09.04.2015 14:01
Deadline extended: RICH-VGI workshop at AGILE 2015 conference

Dear colleagues, The deadline for submission of contributions to our AGILE workshop called RICH-VGI has been extended to April 30, 2015.  We call for short papers and extended abstracts for the Workshop: RICH-VGI: enRICHment of volunteered geographic information (VGI): Techniques, practices and current state of knowledge Workshop @ the 18th AGILE Conference on Geographic Information Science Lisboa, Portugal. Tuesday 9 June 2015 In [...]

Structure and Research Focus

Beside of investigating VGI, the research group has a strong focus on 3D geo-information. Corresponding research areas comprise data acquisition and retrieval using state-of-the-art 3D remote sensors such as laser scanning (i.e. topographic LiDAR) enriched by other potential sources such as crowdsourced data provided by human sensors. The primary focus here is the development of GIS-based algorithms for 3D data processing and analysis in order to improve the understanding of geographical phenomena. Applications cover the natural environment (e.g. geomorphology, precision farming and forestry) and the man-made landscape (e.g. Archeology and digital cultural heritage, solar potential assessment for buildings and hedonic price modeling using 3D laser data).

Bernhard Höfle leads the work on 3D processing and LiDAR research. In addition to the 2 professors, two Klaus-Tschira Incubator Research Groups Advancing GIScience have been established: Dr. Mohamed Bakillah leads the Klaus-Tschira Incubator Group on Smart Simulation and Dr. Hongchao Fan leads the Klaus-Tschira Incubator Group on 3D SDI and Urban Modelling.

The research of the group also deals with the investigation and development of new web-based geographic Information Services (GIS) in different application domains such as disaster management, eHumanities, agriculture, traffic, energy and environment. The research extends conventional spatial data infrastructures (SDI) by adding the third dimension (3D city models and 3D landscape models, GDI-3D.de), location based services (LBS, in particular specialized applications in routing- , navigation and traffic management), dynamic sensor data and of course web-based geoprocessing and geographic analysis functionalities.

Pictures of the Group

GIScience Team

GIScience-Team (Jour-Fix-Meeting 2014)

GIScience Team

GIScience Team at GIScience Retreat (Trifels-Annweiler) in February 2013

GIScience Team

GIScience Team at Jour-Fix-Meeting in June 2012

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