During the last decades, the epidemiological research has given indications that mental diseases including depressions and anxiety disorder can be related to socio-economic, as well as to environmental risk factors. In this project, geodata will be collected and maps showing the potential risk of mental stress in urban environments (urban stress) will be created. The aim is to address the relationship between mental stress and urban characteristics.

In order to address the relationship between mental stress and the urban environment, heterogeneous spatial data has to be collected from a various amount of sources. These include both public and private sources. In addition to that also crowd sourced data will be used. The approach is to first create a homogenous spatial data base that includes relevant socio-economic data (population density, crime statistics, migration- and unemployment ratio etc.) and data regarding the urban environment (noise, air quality, access to public green space, among others). In order to create a homogenous data base, the data from different sources have to be georeferenced, geocoded, transformed, tested for quality and projected in the same coordinate system. Eventually, this will offer a solid database for the study area which incorporates the Rhine-Neckar region, Heidelberg, Mannheim and Ludwigshafen in southern Germany.

The relationship between mental stress and the urban environment will thereafter be addressed by correlating questionnaire data with the spatial urban environment data.

Selected Publications:
22.10.2017 14:35
Mobile low-cost 3D camera maize crop height measurements under field conditions

Maps of the spatial distribution of crop heights can strongly support agriculture in terms of efficiency and yield optimization. Recently published results of experiments of the 3D Spatial Data Processing research group describe an approach to easily extend regular agricultural machines with low-cost sensors for capturing crop heights while the machine is in the field. Based [...]

21.10.2017 19:24
2nd CFP Special Issue: “Crowdsourcing for Urban Geoinformatics”, Deadline End of Nov 2017, Open Access by Taylor & Francis, no publishing costs

Crowdsourcing for Urban Geoinformatics Aims and Scope Modern mobile devices are pervasively equipped with embedded sensors and cameras, and allow the positioning of media contents within geographic space. In combination with the Web 2.0 paradigm, this has led to the crowdsourcing approach, which in turn has become an important data acquisition technique. It is now possible to [...]

20.10.2017 11:03
GIScience Colloquium talk on Automatic Reconstruction of Buildings by Andreas Wichmann

we cordially invite everybody interested to our next open GIScience colloquium talk Automatic Reconstruction of Buildings with Complex Roof Shapes Andreas Wichmann Institute of Geodesy and Geoinformation Science, Technische Universität Berlin Time and date: Mon, October 23, 2:15 pm Venue: INF 348, Room 015, Department of Geography, Heidelberg University Digital 3D city models are of crucial importance in many applications such [...]

20.10.2017 09:35
Openrouteservice partners with German Federal Agency for Cartography and Geodesy (BKG) and releases new features

We are proud to announce our partnership with the German Federal Agency for Cartography and Geodesy [German: Bundesamt für Kartographie und Geodäsie (BKG)] which is the central service provider of topographic data, cartography, and geodetic reference systems for the German government. The agency works under the Federal Ministry of the Interior, with specialist departments in [...]

19.10.2017 10:19
GIScience welcomes New Master Students

Yesterday, GIScience Heidelberg was welcoming our new master students. After a general introduction into our teaching philosophy, our core courses and our institutes (HeiGIT, HCE, IWR), we were giving insights into the  specialization in GIScience/Geoinformatics, which is possible in the Geography Master Programme. As our teaching is research-based and research-oriented we were presenting most recent state-of-the-art [...]

18.10.2017 21:50
Third successful Wheelmap event with volunteers of SAP at Heidelberg

On Monday 09 October 2017 the GIScience group of Heidelberg university organised another Wheelmap mapping event for SAP volunteers in the course of the “SAP month of service“. Volunteers of SAP already supported the CAP4Access team in merging volunteered accessibility data (from and expert accessibility data (from Heidelberg Hürdenlos) two years ago and by [...]

18.10.2017 09:27
Yet another GIScience Group Photo

This monday the nice weather was reason enough to have another spontaneous GIScience HD group photo after the jour fixé. And well, as often indeed there are a number of new faces, too :-) “The only thing constant in life is change” Feel welcome and enjoy!

17.10.2017 20:16
Semester Start: OSM Ersti-Mapathon in Heidelberg

Dear Mapping Enthusiasts, We want to welcome the freshman students to Heidelberg University and start the new semester with our next mapathon! At our Ersti-mapathon we want to introduce everyone interested to OpenStreetMap mapping. Therefore, no previous knowledge is necessary. In addition our MapSwipe App will be presented. We will show how you can create geo data urgently [...]

17.10.2017 10:06
Keynote at DLR.Open OpenGeoData Open Data Science Workshop

Today Prof. Alexander Zipf is giving an invited keynote speech at the German Aerospace Center (DLR) in Oberpfaffenhofen, the national aeronautics and space research centre of the Federal Republic of Germany. The DLR organises a two day workshop called “DLR.Open II - Open Data Science und Open Geodata“. This is the second workshop on Open Data [...]

16.10.2017 11:30
Introduction to GIScience HD for master students

Dear master students, we warmly welcome you to Heidelberg and to our institute! You are cordially invited to an introduction to the GIScience research group, which takes place on Wednesday (18 October, 4 pm - 6 pm). We will provide you an introduction to our offered lectures, seminars and give you an overview of our ongoing [...]

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