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WeGovNow – Towards We-Government: Collective and participative approaches for address local policy challenges


WeGovNow is a European Commission funded project aiming at using state-of-the-art digital technologies in community engagement platforms to engage citizens in decision making processes within their local neighbourhood. It aims at bringing together multiple citizen-driven systems into a single platform which will allows people to:

  • Report, suggest and discuss improvements to their local area
  • explore ways to fix problems through collective action
  • find solutions for resource shortages affecting the quality of publicly provided services
  • debate topics of a strategic nature
  • develop and vote upon concrete suggestions for local policy action

Underlying this platform is the use of VGI and PSI datasets and the accommodation of different user perspectives and experience. Therefore, it is important to address aspects such as the quality of the data used and the best methods for conveying this quality information to the different end users.

At GIScience in Heidelberg, the focus of the research will be on:

  • Methods for deriving quality metrics for VGI and PSI data to enable the determination of fitness-for-use
  • Identify and implement suitable methods for portraying data quality information to different types of users
  • Derive techniques for importing PSI data into the WeGovNow platform (and OSM where applicable) including the georeferencing of data lacking geographic coordinates.

This is a 3 year project funded through the European Commission Horizon 2020 call.

23.03.2017 23:39
Towards evaluating the mobile crowdsourcing of geographic information about human settlements

Geographic information crowdsourcing is an increasingly popular approach to derive geographic data about human settlements from remotely sensed imagery. However, crowdsourcing approaches are frequently associated with uncertainty about the quality of the information produced. Although previous studies have found acceptable quality of crowdsourced information in some application domains, there is still lack of research about [...]

12.03.2017 10:45
A Framework of Quality Assessment Methods for Crowdsourced Geographic Information: a Systematic Literature Review

Crowdsourced Geographic Information (CGI) has emerged as a potential source of geographic information for different domains. Despite advantages associated with it, such information lacks quality assurance, since it is provided by different individuals. Several authors have investigated different approaches to assess CGI quality. Some of the existing methods have been summarized in different classification schemas. [...]

28.02.2017 09:31
3rd CFP: Journal Special Issue “VGI Analytics” in Geo-Spatial Information Science and AGILE workshop

VGI-Analytics 2017 Volunteered Geographic Information (VGI) and social media data have become part of our everyday lives over the past few years. Whereas in the early beginnings of crowd-sourced data the collection occurred primarily to isolated, individual platforms, contribution patterns are now beginning to be more intertwined between different platforms, both [...]

25.01.2017 21:19
2nd Call for full Journal and Workshop Papers on VGI_Analytics (AGILE2017) Deadline March 15

VGI-Analytics 2017 is the 4th workshop in a series of AGILE pre-conference workshops Volunteered Geographic Information (VGI) and social media data have become part of our everyday lives over the past few years. Whereas in the early beginnings of crowd-sourced data the collection occurred primarily to isolated, individual platforms, contribution patterns are now beginning to be more [...]

18.01.2017 12:23
CAP4Access Comes to a Close

On Tuesday 17th January, the CAP4Access/MyAccessible.EU came to a close after three years with the successful completion of the final European Commission review meeting in Brussels. Reviewers were highly pleased with the outcomes of the project, both on the technical and societal fronts. At GIScience in Heidelberg, through the EC FP7 project we have extended the [...]

21.12.2016 11:16
cfp: VGI-Analytics 2017 Workshop @ AGILE Conference Wageningen

cfp: VGI-Analytics 2017 Volunteered Geographic Information (VGI): Integration, ANALYsis, applICationS Tuesday, 9th May 2017, Wageningen University, The Netherlands at AGILE 2017 VGI-Analytics 2017 is the [...]

19.12.2016 12:45
“Exploitation Strategy” seminar for CAP4Access project

Last week on Monday 12th, we organized a workshop for the CAP4Access project that aimed to discuss ideas and methods on how the developed tools and services within the project would be exploited especially after the project has came to an end. Dr. Emmanuel Sofianopoulos was the expert for the workshop appointed by the European Commission. The workshop [...]

17.12.2016 14:11
Intrinsic quality assessment of building footprints data on OpenStreetMap

Recently some of our work on intrinsic VGI quality analysis has been published. In this work we propose a framework to assess the quality of OSM building footprints data without using any reference data. More specifically, the OSM history data will be examined regarding the development of attributes, geometries and positions of building footprints. In [...]

26.11.2016 18:42
Successfull PhD Defence by Yingwei YAN

Our recent team member Dr. Yingwei YAN successfully defended his PhD thesis this very week. We do congratulate him most cordially! The thesis was conducted at the National University of Singapore at the Department of Geography before he joined the GIScience Heidelberg team. Yingwei worked for example on using fuzzy set theory to assure the [...]

03.11.2016 12:39
HeiGIT presentation on OSM analysis and routing at WhereCamp Berlin

This Friday, Nov 4th, Alexander Zipf from GIScience Heidelberg will give a presentation at the WhereCamp 2016 conference in Berlin about some current activities and developments in the currently being established Heidelberg Institute for Geoinformatics (HeiGIT), core funded by the Klaus Tschira Foundation. This includes latest developments in Routing and Navigation solutions, such as OpenRouteService [...]

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