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David Esders, Dipl.-Geogr.

David Esders works as a Research Associate in Human Geography at the Institute of Geography of Heidelberg University. He studied Geography, Political Science and Computer Science at Heidelberg University as well as Urban Design and Planning at the University of Stuttgart.

His research interests lie in the field of Political Geography and are primarily concerned with media discourses, global warming and conflict research. In terms of methodology, especially the lexicometric approaches of post-structuralist discourse analysis are a major focus of his work.

  • Excursion Thuringia (2016)
  • Excursion Urban Geography of Heidelberg (2013–2016)
  • Tutorial Introduction to Human Geography (2015/16)
  • Research Seminar Non-state actors in the Arab region (2015)
  • Tutorial Political Geography & New Cultural Geography (2013–2015)
  • Excursion Saxon Metropolises: Leipzig and Dresden (2014)
  • Tutorial Rural Area: Settlement & Agricultural Geography (2013/14)
  • Tutorial Introduction to Lexicometrics (2013)
Publications (in German)
  • Esders D (2013) Climate Change in the Media? A Discourse Analysis on the Depiction of Climate Skepticism in Three German Newspapers. Unpublished Diploma Thesis at the Institute of Geography, Heidelberg University.
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