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Sep. 2013:
Nomination for the German Sustainability Award 2013
Sep. 2013:
Mongolian Environment Award to Lucas Menzel
Apr. 2013:
Poster Award of the German Hydrological Society

Hydrology and Climatology

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In our department we link basic research in physical geography, climatology and hydrology with interdisciplinary and application-oriented research questions. Basic research mainly focuses on the analysis of natural systems and processes. Special emphasis is on the water and energy fluxes at the soil-vegetation-atmosphere interface. This includes a variety of interrelationships that go far beyond disciplinary research, for example:

  • the impacts of anthropogenic disturbances on the sensitive interactions between permafrost, soil hydrological processes and water availability of forests, or
  • the effects of vegetation and land-use on the regional climatic conditions and the water fluxes of landscapes in different environments of the Earth

For this purpose we conduct field investigations with a variety of scientific instruments

Figure of our group

Figure: The basic instruments, methods and aims of our group

Regarding our methods, we place emphasis on the development and application of simulation tools, as for example the hydrological model TRAIN or the land-use development tool LADEMO. The further refinement and calibration of the different models is based on improved process understanding and new data obtained during field experiments. In this context analyses based on remote sensing increasingly gain importance, for example the spatial and temporal development of snow and vegetation cover derived from individual satellite shots.

Our projects encompass a wide field of basic and application-oriented research. The main focus is on:

  • the survey and the modeling of the water availability in semi-arid and arid as well as cold regions on Earth
  • the assessment of the effects of climatic variability and land-use change on the elements of the water cycle and the heat budget of different landscapes
  • an investigation of the processes during the development of hydrological extremes



Nomination for the German Sustainability Award 2013

The BMBF funded project GLOWA-Jordan has been nominated for the German Sustainability Award 2013 in the category Sustainable Developments: Our working group has decisively contributed to this project.



Environment Award of the Mongolian Environmental Ministry goes to Lucas Menzel

On 2. September 2013, Lucas Menzel was awarded the highest distinction in acknowledgement of his merits in environmental protection. He received the certificate from the hands of the Mongolian minister of the environment, Ms. Ojuun.



Poster Award of the German Hydrological Society (DHG)

During the Hydrology Day, the poster of Benjamin Kopp, Lucas Menzel and Jens Lange Runoff generating processes in the transition zone between steppe and taiga in the Khentii mountains, northern Mongolia received the first prize in the category best relevance.

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