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Program of "Knowledge and Institutions"

Wednesday, September 9, 2015
Thursday, September 10, 2015
Friday, September 11, 2015
Saturday, September 11, 2015

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Lunch (12:00)


Session 1: Institutions, Knowledge and the Regional Economy
Chair: Johannes Glückler


Welcome Address and Introduction (13:00)

Johannes Glückler, Department of Economic Geography, Heidelberg University (Germany)


The Knowledge Economy and Territory:  A Research Agenda (13:45)

Michael Storper, Luskin School of Public Affairs, University of California, Los Angeles (United States)


Coffee Break (14:45)


Locating the Collective Identity of an Institutional Field: Israeli Hi-Tech between Silicon Valley and Silicon Wadi (15:15)

Tammar B. Zilber, School of Business Administration, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Israel)


Global Challenges, Localized Learning and Institutional Change in Italian Industrial Districts: The Case of Ivrea (16:15)

Harald Bathelt, Department of Geography and Planning, University of Toronto (Canada)


General Discussion (17:15)


Dinner in the historic town of Heidelberg (Backmulde) (19:30)



Thursday, September 10, 2015

Session 2: Institutions, Conventions and Societal Outcomes
Chair: Harald Bathelt


Institutions, Time, and Territory: Path Dependencies - Path dependent Institutional Development within Geographic Boundaries (09:00)

Frans van Waarden, Faculty of Social and Behavioral Sciences, University College, Utrecht University (Netherlands)


Conventions, Institutions and Knowledge - Perspectives on Institutions and Knowledge from the Standpoint of the “Economics of Convention” (10:00)

Rainer Diaz-Bone, Department of Sociology, University of Lucerne (Switzerland)


Coffee Break (11:00)


The Truncated Development of an Intangible Commons Logic: A Study of Open Access Academic Publishing (11:30)

Shaz Ansari, Cambridge Judge Business School, University of Cambridge (United Kingdom)


Lunch (12:30)



Session 3: Emergence, Diffusion and Translation of Institutions
Chair: Tammar B. Zilber


The Professionalization of the Corporate Historian/Archivist (13:30)

Roy Suddaby, Peter B. Gustavson School of Business, University of Victoria (Canada)


Government Quality and the Economic Returns of Transport Infrastructure Investment in European Regions (14:30)

Andrés Rodríguez-Pose, Department of Geography and Environment, London School of Economics (United Kingdom)


Coffee Break (15:30)


General Discussion (16:00)


Springer Series 'Knowledge and Space' Volume 13: Technical Editor's Speech (16:30)

David Antal


Walking tour: Heidelberg's Philosophers' Walk (18:00)


Dinner in Heidelberg-Handschuhsheim (Salerno im Roten Ochsen) (20:00)



Friday, September 11, 2015

Session 4: Institutions and Institutional Change
Chair: Roy Suddaby


Law, Policy and Social Control amidst Flux (09:00)

Reza Banakar, Sociology of Law Department, Lund University (Sweden)


Spatial Institutional Work: Mediation Across Contexts (10:00)

Tiina Ritvala, Department of Management Studies, Aalto University School of Business (Finland)


Coffee Break (11:00)


The Impact of Formal Monitoring on Financial Development: From Debt to Equity in Late Medieval Venice (11:30)

Yadira González de Lara Mingo, Department of Economic Analysis, University of Valencia (Spain)


Lunch (12:30)



Session 5: Institutional Change and Maintenance
Chair: Pamela Tolbert


Norm Change: The Role of Trendsetters (13:30)

Alexander Funcke, Department of Philosophy, University of Pennsylvania (United States)


The End of the World as You Know It: The Limits of Institutionalized Knowledge in a War Zone (14:30)

Jaco Lok, School of Management, The University of New South Wales Business School (Australia)


Coffee Break (15:30)


Institutional Change, Innovation and Policy Coordination (16:00)

Jerker Moodysson, Department of Human Geography, Lund University (Sweden)


General Discussion (17:00)



Dinner in Schriesheim (Strahlenburg) (19:00)



Saturday, September 12, 2015

Session 6: Institutions of Entrepreneurship and Cooperation
Chair: Jaco Lok


Institutional Logics in the Process of Family Firm Succession (09:00)

Johannes Glückler, Department of Economic Geography, Heidelberg University (Germany)


Studying Entrepreneurship as an Institution (10:00)

Pamela Tolbert, Department of Organizational Behavior, ILR School, Cornell University
(United States)


Coffee Break (11:00)


Plebeian Culture, Moral Economy, Reluctant Modernization: The Basque Case (11:30)

Andreas Hess, Department of Sociology, University College Dublin (Ireland)


Final Discussion (12:30)


Lunch (13:00)


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