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Collaboration with World Seastems project team on analysis of geo-tagged shipping information

ruprecht reports about CAP4Access activities

Castle accessibility mapping is part of a short documentary

Statistical investigation of geo-tagged shipping information

Contributions to the European Handbook on Crowdsourced Geographic Information

Merging volunteered and expert accessibility data

Workshop bridging OSM community and Wheelchair Users

Talk on OpenStreetMap data quality at University of São Paulo, Brazil

Report on the 27th International Cartographic Conference; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

OpenRouteService at the Heidelberg wheelchair marathon

AGILE 2015 conference (and third place poster award)

Report on Human Sensor and Geographic Information Systems for Disaster Risk Management (HSenSIG) training school

The importance of sidewalk information in OpenStreetMap for routing and navigation of people with restricted mobility

Nepal Disaster Mapping Event at Heidelberg University

Mapping for wheelchair users at Heidelberg castle gardens

Launch of a new open access journal: Open Geospatial Data, Software and Standards

Report on the 4th PCC Meeting of CAP4Access project

CAP4Access e-Newsletter No. 2, 2015 (Part 2) - toilets, survey, crowdcrafting and news

CAP4Access e-Newsletter No. 2 - 2015 (Part 1) - Geoinfo for Mobility Impaired

Report on the first evaluation meeting for CAP4Access project

[18/Dec/2014 - In German News Media]
Nicht rollstuhlgerecht: Die Zentralmensa erhielt einen roten Punkt

CAP4Access group and their mapping event covered by Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung newspaper

Vienna - London - Heidelberg! #mapforaccess

Report on CAP4Access meeting in Elche, Spain

[28/Oct/2014 - In Spanish News Media]
Elche participa en un proyecto europeo para mejorar la accesibilidad de las personas con movilidad reducida

Summary of CAP4Access workshop in Heidelberg

Field experiment: deriving pedestrian sidewalk information using LIDAR technology

Field experiment: a low-cost approach for deriving pedestrian sidewalk network data

VGI and Citizen Science Workshop & Invited talk at LabGeo of Florence University, Italy

Joint HD-Salzburg GIScience PhD Summer School at Abbey Frauenwörth at Lake Chiemsee

Canoe Tour: GIScience Team “conquering” the Neckar between Hirschhorn and Neckargemünd

CrowdAnalyser Workshop 2014

Members of GIScience research group receive the best paper and presentation award of SCCH’2013 Conference

Amin Mobasheri, M.Sc.

Research Interests
  • Open geo-data, Open geo-services & softwares
  • Geo-Web 2.0 and Geo-data Infrastructures
  • Geo-informatics for disaster response
  • Geospatial data quality
  • Volunteered Geographic Information (VGI)
Current Projects
  • CAP4Access – Collective Awareness Platforms for Improving Accessibility in European Cities & Regions
  • Web-based GIS for Lloyd's Lists – An Integrated Web-Based Information And Analysis System For Historic Geodata: The Case of Lloyd’s Lists
Former Projects
  • GRIPS – GIS system for risk analysis, information and planning for disaster evacuation
  • 3D Spatial Data Infrastructure (3D SDI) – The Next Generation (3D) Infrastructures on the Maasvlakte 2, Port of Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Education and Work
Honors and Awards
Selected publications

Journal articles and book chapters

  • Zipf, A., Mobasheri, A., Rousell, A., Hahmann, S. (2015: in press). Crowdsourcing for individual needs - the case of routing and navigation for mobility-impaired persons , a book chapter accepted for C. Capineri et al., eds. European Handbook of Crowdsourced Geographic Information, Ubiquity Press.
  • Bakillah, M., Liang, S., Mobasheri, A., Jokar Arsanjani, J., & Zipf, A. (2014). Fine-resolution population mapping using OpenStreetMap points-of-interest. International Journal of Geographical Information Science, 28(9), 1940-1963.
  • Bakillah, M., Lauer, J., Liang, S., Zipf, A., Jokar Arsanjani, J., Mobasheri, A., Loos, L. (2014). Exploiting Big VGI to Improve Routing and Navigation Services, a book chapter in Karimi H.A., Big Data Techniques and Technologies in Geoinformatics, CRC Press, Taylor & Francis.

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