Research Projects

Current Research Projects

Institutional Change


Johannes Glückler and Regina Lenz

Alumni Survey

Institute of Geography

Johannes Glückler and Janina Schulte

Competence Development

Pakt Zukunft

Johannes Glückler, Anna Mateja Schmidt, Christian Wuttke


IHK Heilbronn-Franken

Johannes Glückler and Laura Suarsana

Regional Impact

Landesrektorenkonferenz Baden-Württemberg

Johannes Glückler, Robert Panitz, Christian Wuttke

Neoartisian Economy

Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft

Johannes Glückler and Martina Jordan

Governance of Risk and Ressources

Institute of Geography

Michael Handke

Center of Excellence


Johannes Glückler and Michael Handke

Knowledge and Space

Regina Lenz, Anna Mateja Schmidt, Laura Suarsana

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