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Current Projects Former Projects

PermaSAR: Development of a Method to Detect Subsidence by Means of D-InSAR in

BMWi, DLR (2015–2019)

Julia Boike, Inga Beck, Sabrina Marx, Katharina Anders


3D-TAIGER: Multi-Source 3D Geoinformation Extraction for Improved Management of Forest and Natural Hazards

DAAD & MOST (2016–2017)

Ming-Chee Wu, Chi-Kuei Wang, Kristina König, Martin Hämmerle


4DEMON - 4D Near Real-Time Environmental Monitoring

Ministry of Science, Research and Arts, Baden- Wuerttemberg (2015–2017)

Dirk Hoffmeister, Martin Hämmerle, Evelyn Schmitz


3D-MAPP - 3D-MicroMapping of Big 3D Geo-Datasets in the Web

Vector Foundation (2016)

Benjamin Herfort, Florian Hillen, Marcel Kaibel


PhD Graduate School: CrowdAnalyser - Spatio-temporal Analysis of User-generated Content

Landesgraduiertenförderung Baden-Württemberg (2012–2015)

Alexander Zipf, Michael Gertz, Björn Ommer


3D Laser Scanning: Vegetation Investigation and Signature Analysis (LS-VISA)

Ministry of Science, Research and Arts, Baden-Wuerttemberg (2014–2016)

Kristina König, Andreas Kiefer, Luisa Griesbaum, Zsófia Koma


MUSIEKE: Multidimensional Perceptibility of Cultural Heritage

HeiKA (2015)

Christian Witschel, Caroline Y. Robertson von Trotha, Alexander Zipf, Stefan Hinz, Thomas Vögtle, Hubert Mara, Ralf Schneider


Teaching Excellence Grant: 3D GIScience Methods for Geographic Analysis

Ministry of Science, Research and Arts, Baden-Wuerttemberg (2014)

Bernhard Höfle

Landscape and Climate Change in the Last 2000 Years in the Altmühltal/Bavaria

German Research Foundation Excellence Initiative & HCE (2013–2014)

Cooperation with Environmental Physics and Institute of Pre- and Early History

Climate Impact on Malnutrition – a Geospatial and Public Health Approach

German Research Foundation Excellence Initiative & HCE (2013–2014)

Cooperation with Institute of Public Health


ESOB: Multi-sensor technology for the optimization of plant production ratings

Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection

Martin Hämmerle, Sabrina Marx, Larissa Müller, Fabian Schütt


Country-wide assessment of photovoltaics applications for noise barrier walls

Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development

Sabrina Marx, Sudhanshu Shekhar, Andreas Reimer

HedALS - Predictive Accuracy of Large-Scale Spatial Hedonic Price Models Using Laser

Alexander von Humboldt Foundation(2011–2013)

Marco Helbich, Andreas Jochem


HyLand: Hyperspectral Remote Sensing for Precision Farming

BMWi & DLR (2010–2013)

Cooperation with University Osnabrück, Technichal University Munich, Julius-Kühn-Insitute Braunschweig

The list of all former research projects of the GIScience and 3D Geodata Processing groups can be accessed here.

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