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3D Geospatial Data Processing Group


3D Geospatial Data Processing (3DGeo) Research Group

IWR – Interdisciplinary Center for Scientific Computing       HCE – Heidelberg Center for the Environment

We investigate the extraction of geoinformation from 3D/4D geodata (predominantly point clouds), which were acquired with cutting-edge Earth observation technology (e.g. 3D laser scanning, photogrammetry and SAR). Emphasis is put on the exploitation of multitemporal geographic 3D data, which enables near real-time 3D/4D mapping and observation. A major focus lies on the development of computational methods for 3D/4D geospatial data processing and analysis by making use of the full sensor data streams (e.g. LiDAR backscatter). It is aimed at increasing the understanding of geographical phenomena. Our methods and tools are applied to multi- and interdisciplinary research questions in the broad field of Digital and Computational Environmental Sciences. This covers landscapes dominated by physical processes (e.g. geomorphology), man-made landscapes (e.g. renewable energies) and strong human-environmental interactions (e.g. agriculture, natural hazards, health and geoarchaeology). Our research sites are spread all over the world: we perform in-situ measurements, program in the lab and simulate Earth observation in virtual environments.

Please check our recent publications, latest talks and running research projects for further details. If you are interested in joining the 3DGeo Group as a student assistant, intern, PhD student or senior researcher, please check our latest job postings.

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17.01.2019 09:41
STAP19 Compact Course and Workshop in April - Registration Open

From 01-04 April 2019, the 3DGeo and FCGL research groups are organizing a compact course and workshop on Spatial and Temporal Analysis of Geographic Phenomena (STAP19) at the Interdisciplinary Center for Scientific Computing (IWR, Heidelberg University). The course will teach participants state-of-the-art methods of 3D spatial data processing and analysis with a focus on spatial and [...]

18.12.2018 09:05
SYSSIFOSS - Synthetic structural remote sensing data for improved forest inventory models

Airborne light detection and ranging (LiDAR) data provides reliable information on forest structure. Related forest inventory approaches recently evolved into operational tools. Today, further optimization of existing approaches is pursued to ensure high data quality of the inventory information and cost-efficiency over varied environmental and silvicultural conditions. Synthetic LiDAR data has been suggested as useful [...]

03.12.2018 16:58
Auto3Dscapes for 4D Beach Observation

How does a sandy beach naturally restore after a storm event? Invaluable information on this process is provided by a highly temporal (hourly) time series of 3D point cloud data acquired over several months at the beach of Kijkduin (NL). The permanent LiDAR system is operated by a team of TU Delft researchers in the [...]

29.11.2018 09:57
ER3DS Makes Cities Smarter

ER3DS makes cities smarter by emission reduction using 3D spatial sensing and analysis In the new project on Emission Reduction in Smart Cities Using 3D Spatial Sensing and Analysis (ER3DS) the combination of energy modeling, highly detailed 3D geographic sensing and computation will allow us to reveal a completely new picture of the current energy situation [...]

23.11.2018 11:21
Innsbruck Summer School of Alpine Research 2019 - Registration possible until 30 November 2018

The deadline for registration for our Innsbruck Summer School of Alpine Research 2019 is approaching (deadline: 30 November 2018). If you are PhD or Master student and you want to learn most recent close-range sensing technology from leading experts in an amazing environment and venue, the Ötztal Alps in Austria, you should [...]

22.11.2018 09:59
Sweet 3D archaeology - Jupiter Column made of chocolate

The Jupiter Column (”Jupitergigantensäule”) is now available as miniature made of chocolate! The very well-preserved Jupiter Column from the antique LOPODUNUM belongs to the most important archaeological exhibits of the Lobdengau museum. The Jupiter Column is a representative object important for the rich cultural history of Ladenburg, a town with an impressive [...]

19.11.2018 13:24
Simulate LiDAR Acquisitions with HELIOS

Did you ever consider planning and testing your LiDAR campaign in a computer simulation? Would you like a flexible means to generate 3D point cloud data for developing or testing methods? This is easily possible with the laser scanning simulation framework HELIOS (Heidelberg LiDAR Operations Simulator). There have been major new developments since the first version [...]

30.10.2018 11:28
New method for drainage ditch extraction from airborne LiDAR point clouds

In our most recent 3DGeo publication, colleagues from KU Leuven together with us developed a new method to extract drainage ditches from LiDAR point clouds in a fully automatic process. Ditches are often absent in hydrographic geodatasets and their mapping would benefit from a cost and labor effective alternative to field surveys. We propose [...]

23.10.2018 15:56
Innsbruck Summer School of Alpine Research 2019 - Registration now online

The deadline for registration for our Innsbruck Summer School of Alpine Research 2019 is approaching (30 November 2018). If you want to learn most recent close-range sensing technology from leading experts in an amazing environment and venue, the Ötztal Alps in Austria, you should definitely consider to apply for participation. All details regarding learning objectives, keynote [...]

16.10.2018 12:30
HeidelErg - live from the Erg Chebbi in Morocco (#6): Exploring physical geography and 3D GIScience in an aeolian sand dune field.

Yesterday, the practical field trip in the Erg Chebbi ended and the majority of the group arrived safely in Heidelberg. Another part of the group and the equipment are still on their way back via car and ferry. After several days in the field, we are already very excited to start working on the large amount [...]

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