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Research Project: EU Project BLAST

Bringing Land and Sea Together


The BLAST project is a regional project for maritime safety in the North Sea Region funded by the European Union as part of the Interreg IVB North Sea Programme. Under the slogan Bringing Land and Sea Together the projects aims at investigating how the earth will look like in 50 years from a maritime perspective. Thereby, the needs of marine spatial planning, environmental protection, socio-economic development, risk management and mitigation are addressed by delivering harmonized land and sea geographic datasets. Furthermore, the project aims at exploring practical tools, processes, and applications that the North Sea maritime community might use to implement the coming new generation of standards for marine information systems. Furthermore, another objective is to improve vessel safety and efficiency, and to enhance the management of the environment through the design and development of a regional maritime traffic monitoring platform for the North Sea region.

As a part of this project, a comprehensive 3D application (based upon the XNavigator) has been developed for visualizing effects of rising sea levels. As a show-case, the small city Zeebrugge in Belgium has been utilized. By merging several data sets, such as LiDAR DEM, 3D building models, with additional S57 data sets, such as navigation installs (buoys) or wreck information, a comprehensive data source with various kinds of maritime data is developed. For enabling a ubiquitous accessibility to this data, a Web3DService (W3DS) is utilized for providing the different data in a Spatial Data Infrastructure.

More information about the project is available under www.blast-project.eu.

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