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Forschungsprojekt: MayaArch3D


The ancient Maya city of Copán is located in the most western part of Honduras close to the border to Guatemala.


The UNESCO world heritage cultural site is an important historical place where rich written sources have been found. This archaeological site provides unique insigths into its history of construction which can be linked over several centuries to the local ruling dynasty. Since the 19th century a lot of archaeological finds like sculptures, inscriptions and ceramics but also scientific data has been found and recorded at different locations and archives all over the world. The aim of this interdisciplinary project is to use cutting edge information technologies to build a new scientific tool for archaelogists and monument preservation. This will allow the use of 3D technologies and geospatial analysis functionality for the documentation and investigation of archaeological sites by means of a web platform. This approach can bring together wide spread information to a virtual place which enables scientists to work together much more efficiently. The planned information system will be tranferable to similar scenarios with other large ruin sites and will show exemplarily how to build such an information architecture for visualization and analysis tasks in the eHumanities.

Details: http://mayaarch3d.org

Diagramm der Arbeitsgruppe

The Project will be carried out by two project partners. The german archaeologic institute (DAI) and the University of Heidelberg. The Project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

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