PhD project

Advancing 3D WebGIS - browser-based Methods for Visualization and Analysis and their Integration in Virtual Research Environments in the Context of Cultural Heritage

This dissertation is about advancing 3D WebGIS. 3D WebGIS can support activities in many areas, such as urban planning, disaster risk management, energy-site planning, environmental monitoring and many more. However, the focus of this study is set on the advancement of 3D WebGIS for Cultural Heritage(CH) research. This study evaluates methods to improve the performance, scalability, usability and interoperability of the web-browser-based 3D visualization and analysis of geospatial raster and vector data. Furthermore it is concerned about the integration of 3D WebGIS components into Virtual Research Environments (VREs) for CH. One of the two main goals of the research activities of this thesis is to improve the visualization and analysis "Capabilities" of 3D WebGIS in terms of performance, scalability, usability and interoperability. The second main goal, the integration of research tools into VREs is important, because VREs can bundle domain specific functionalities that are provided by different remotely located institutions, e.g. for data capture, processing and analysis, documentation, discussion and publication. Being able to access all necessary functions and services at one virtual place, creates an efficient and collaborative workspace for a group of scholars, that intend to work together on a common research topic.

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