Funding: Pakt Zukunft
01/01/2013 – 31/12/2015

Research Project

Competence Development in Heilbronn-Franconia

Competence Development in Heilbronn-Franconia


The region Heilbronn-Franconia is a strongly industrialized and export-oriented economic region in Southern Germany. Being the largest, and a very rural, region in Baden-Württemberg, it is located between the densely populated areas Rhein-Neckar, Rhein-Main, Mainfranken and Stuttgart. Having gained a high international competitiveness based on a strong industrial knowledge base, e.g., in the car or packing industry, it is experiencing a continuous drain of young talents caused by the demographic change and the region’s rural structure.

The cooperation project between the company Pakt Zukunft Heilbronn-Franconia gGmbH, Heidelberg University (Research Group of Economic and Social Geography) and the College of Education in Ludwigsburg aims at identifying regional competences and developing their future potential in Heilbronn-Franconia by furthering connectivity.

The identification of fields of activity is supposed to incite sustainable advancement of the region Heilbronn-Franconia.

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