Finance: BMBF and ESF
Duration: 2008 to 2011
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Johannes Glückler
Waltraud Dehning
Ingmar Hammer
Schila Németh
Silke Beck
Anna Mateja Schmidt
Robert Panitz
Cooperation partners
Heidelberg University
Heilbronn Business School
Branta Expert Net Consulting

Research Project

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Krea.Nets – Creativity and Innovation through Networks

Krea.Nets – Creativity and Innovation through Networks

Short Description

The project Krea.nets seeks solutions for the design and the governance of innovative networks of small and medium sized firms. Successful networks sustain competitiveness and innovation as cooperative outcomes and contribute to the growth of employment.

The approach is characterized by a network perspective using network theories, methods of social network analysis and network approaches to management. Krea.nets develops governance principles which are tailored for specific organizational, economic and institutional conditions and which render successful cooperation sustainably. Various disciplinary perspectives ranging from economic geography to economics and organizational psychology are brought together in this project. In the implementation phase, new management initiatives are realized in the health and chemical industries (REACH guidelines). Both industries are exposed to fundamental structural changes.

For more details of the project, materials and publications, please access the project website www.kreanets.com.

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