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Duration: 2009 to 2010
Research Team
Johannes Glückler
Heike Dennhard


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PMO Networks

Short Description

Work in large organizations is increasingly organized in multiple, often multi-site projects. This creates an enormous challenge for management to identify and transfer best practices in project management and to circulate existing expertise across the entire organization. Since the 1990s companies have responded to the proliferation of projects by creating new type of project governance: the project management office (PMO). Large companies do not only establish autonomous or isolated units, but more and more do they install various PMOs to support project managers, to transfer good practices and to enforce project performance. Since PMOs develop multiple relations with projects and with other PMOs, this research initiative analyzes the networks of PMOs to enrich the understanding of good project management. The objective is to assess the nature and impact of so-called communities of PMOs on project performance and to detect appropriate governance structures.

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