Barbara Brilmayer

Barbara Sophia Brilmayer Bakti, M.A.

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Research projects

Research interests

  • Geomorphology, Geoarchaeology, coping with water shortages (hydrology), climate change
  • GIS applications, remote sensing techniques, 3D visualizations (VNS)
  • Mediterranean and Near East (Greece, Jordan)


  • Summer term 2012: Remote Sensing: Object-based satellite image interpretation – Feature Analyst® for ArcGIS®
  • Summer term 2010:
    Field course Crete: regional geographical excursion and field study (together with Prof. Dr. O. Bubenzer)


BRILMAYER BAKTI, B., SIART, C. (2008): Photorealistic landscape reconstructions – the example of Minoan Zominthos (Crete): A case study from Digital Geoarchaeology. In: Mächtle, B., Dippon, P., Nüsser, M., Siegmund, A. (eds.): Auf den Spuren Alfred Hettners – Geographie in Heidelberg. Journal der Heidelberger Geographischen Gesellschaft 23. Heidelberg, 127-140. (in German)

SIART, C., BRILMAYER BAKTI, B., EITEL, B. (2013): Digital Geoarchaeology – An Approach to Reconstructing Ancient Landscapes at the Human-Environmental Interface. In: Bock, H. G., Jäger, W., Winckler, M. J. (Hrsg.): Scientific Computing and Cultural Heritage: Contributions in Computational Humanities. Contributions in Mathematical and Computational Sciences 3. Springer, Berlin Heidelberg: 71-84.

SIART, C., HECHT, S., BRILMAYER BAKTI, B., HOLZHAUER, I. (2010): Analysis and 3D visualisation of Mediterranean subsurface karst features based on tomographic mapping (Zominthos, Central Crete). Zeitschrift für Geomorphologie 55, Suppl. 3: 315-335.

BRILMAYER BAKTI, B. (2009): Three dimensional landscape visualization with VNS – a contribution to the geomorphological-geoarchaeological reconstruction of the landscape evolution around Zominthos, Central Crete. Unpublished Master Thesis, Heidelberg University. (in German)

Poster Presentations

Brilmayer Bakti, B., Siart, C., Bubenzer, O., Hecht, S., Panagiotopoulos, D., Eitel, B.: Photorealistic 3D visualisations in Geoarchaeology: Reconstruction of the landscape development around the Minoan settlement of Zominthos (central Crete). Geoarchaeology Working Group – Annual Meeting 2010, Frankfurt, May 13-16, 2010.

Brilmayer Bakti, B., Bubenzer, O., Hamaideh, A.: Traditional water use and future water shortage: the re-use potential of the “Roman Wells“ of the Karak plateau, Jordan. Geoarchaeology Working Group – Annual Meeting 2011, Heidelberg, May 6-8, 2011.

Brilmayer Bakti, B., Bubenzer, O., Hamaideh, A.: Water Harvesting and Remote Sensing: Analysis of the Rooftop Water Harvesting Potential of the "Roman Wells" of the Karak Plateau, Jordan. Annual Meeting of the German Working Group on Remote Sensing, Würzburg, September 29/30, 2011.


Traditional water use in Jordan and its potential for future water stress mitigation – the case study of the “Roman Wells” of the northern Karak plateau, Jordan. Marsilius Autumn School “Bridging the water gap – interdisciplinary perspectives”, Heidelberg, November 9-17, 2010.

Traditional water use in Jordan rediscovered – Water Harvesting at the desert fringe: the case study of the "Roman Wells" of the Karak plateau. Annual Meeting of the German Working Group on Desert Margin Research, Schloss Rauischholzhausen, February 3/4, 2012.

Traditional water use at the desert fringe – water harvesting strategies on the Karak plateau, Jordan, with special regard to old cisterns. 32nd International Geographical Congress, Cologne, August 26-30, 2012.

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