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Geomorphology and Soil Geography


Physical Geography examines the geofactors of landscapes (relief and formation of the earth’s surface, climate, soil, water, vegetation, among others) using the methods of natural sciences, records its geological and historical heritage and describes/models the currently existing interrelationships in the ecosystems.

The major research areas of the Professor of Geomorphology and Soil Geography are environmental research, geomorphology and soil science, landscape evolution, arid zone research and geoarchaeology.

Further information on the Institute’s staff, research projects, the Laboratory for Geomorphology and Geoecology and the Luminescence Laboratory, as well as our excursions can be found through the links on the individual pages.

During the exploration of Marocco's Erg Chebbi (October 5th to October 15th 2018) the research group will publish regular updates in the GIScience News Blog.

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