Dr. Sebastian Kreutzer

Im Neuenheimer Feld 348
Room 136
69120 Heidelberg
Tel: +49 6221 54 4598

ORCid: 0000-0002-0734-2199
GitHub: RLumSK
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Dr. Sebastian Kreutzer

Dr. Sebastian Kreutzer
Researcher (luminescence laboratory)

Research Interests
  • Quaternary research and palaeolandscape reconstruction on terrestrial sediment sequences
  • Geochronology with focus on luminescence dating (application, methodology, modelling, equipment development)
  • Geo-Data Science (analyse pipelines, model development, explorative data analysis, Machine Learning)
  • Towards open-science and open-data of luminescence-based chronologies (reference datasets, reproducibility, and standardization)
Regional focus
  • Germany, France, Tunisia
Career (non-continuous)
  • Since 01/05: Researcher, luminescence laboratory, Heidelberg University, DE
  • 01/2020–04/2022: Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellow, Geography & Earth Sciences, Aberystwyth University, Wales, GB
  • 05/2014–12/2019: Ingenieur de Recherche (LaScArBx), IRAMAT-CRP2A, UMR 5060, CNRS-Université Bordeaux Montaigne, FR
  • 03/2013–04/2014: Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter, Physical Geography, Justus-Liebig-University Giessen, DE
  • 01/2013–02/2013: Scientific Consultant, Freiberg Instruments GmbH, DE
  • 10/2011–09/2012: Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter, Physical Geography, Justus-Liebig-University Giessen, DE
  • 10/2011–09/2012: Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter, Physical Geography, Justus-Liebig-Universität Giessen, DE
  • 10/2008–/09/2011: Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter, Chair of Geomorphology, University of Bayreuth, DE
  • 2013: Dissertation (Dr. rer. nat.), University of Bayreuth, DE
  • 2009: Diplom (Univ.) in Geography, University of Bayreuth, DE
  • 2008: State Examination for Teaching (1. Staatsexamen Lehramt für Gymnasien) (Economics and Geography), University of Bayreuth, DE
Software (R packages; non-exhaustive)

‘Luminescence’ (maintainer), ‘RCarb’ (maintainer), ‘rxylib’ (maintainer), ‘RLumCarlo’ (maintainer), ‘BayLum’ (author), ‘RLumModel’ (author), ‘sandbox’ (author), ‘RLumShiny’ (author), ‘rticles’ (author)

  • Since 01/2020: Chercheur Associé, Archéosciences Bordeaux, UMR 6034, CNRS-Université Bordeaux Montaigne, FR (former IRAMAT-CRP2A, UMR 5060)
  • 01/2019 and 06/2019 (eight weeks): Chercheur Invité, Université du Quebec à Montréal, CA (host: Prof Michel Lamothe, funding: Idex Bordeaux International Support)
  • 2013–2015: Annual research visits (two weeks each), Department of Physics, East-Carolina University, NC, US (host: Prof Regina DeWitt, funding: DAAD-PPP USA, id: 56022859)
  • 2009–2011: Annual research visits (one to two weeks each), School of Geography and the Environment, University of Oxford, GB (host: Prof Richard Bailey, funding: DAAD-PPP UK, id: 50022024 ARC-XXIII)
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