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LAK 2017

Welcome to Heidelberg, Bienvenidos a Heidelberg, Willkommen in Heidelberg!

After 2011 and 2014, for the third time we cordially invite you to Heidelberg, Germany, to the 24rd Latin American Colloquium LAK 2017, which will take place from April, 5 to April, 8, 2017. [more]

We intend to bring together researchers from all fields of earth sciences or interdisciplinary initiatives and present an attractive program on the geological evolution of Central America and the South American continent and its margins, processes of mountain building, uplift and erosion as well as interaction between tectonic and climatic parameters. For the Late Quaternary, we focus also on man – environmental interactions triggered by climate dynamics. We also invite contributions from related topics such as Earth Surface Shaping by Biota (DFG priority program), geomorphology, geoarchaeology, palaeontology, natural resources, geo-hazards, and economic geology. Due to the German-Mexican year of science 2016/2017, contributions addressed to Mexico are particularly welcome.

The name of Heidelberg stands for a unity of history and modernity. Our world-famous castle, the beautiful historic city center and Germany’s oldest university which today is a modern scientific location of international reputation, come along with a lively and varied cultural scene. With its belief in the comprehensive university, Heidelberg University has made the leap into the exclusive group of universities which extended their status in the funding line of the German federal and state governments’ Initiative for Excellence. This success substantiates the claim of Germany’s oldest university (Ruperto Carola), founded in 1386, to the number one spot it regularly takes in international rankings.

Heidelberg University with the Heidelberg Center for the Environment (HCE) is a place of intense interaction between sciences doing research in Latin America, as e.g. physical geography and geosciences, law and humanities. Therefore, we intend to expand the focus of the 24th LAK beyond hard geosciences to Quaternary geomorphodynamics, geoarchaeology and beyond.

Until 2011 the LAK was organised biannually by a working group of the Germany Research Foundation (DFG). Due to a reorganisation in the structure of the DFG, the continuity was interrupted. Wolfgang Stinnesbeck and his group at the Institute of Earth Science organized the next LAK in 2014. As the host for 2016 had to decline elsewhere, Heidelberg comes forward to help. This is the reason why after a break of three years, we invite our colleagues once more to a LAK in Heidelberg in 2017. The organization of the 24th LAK will be done mainly by the Institute of Geography, with great convenience of Wolfgang Stinnesbeck (Institute of Geosciences) again.

We are looking forward to welcoming our colleagues from Latin America and Germany in Heidelberg.

Bertil Mächtle, Ingmar Holzhauer, Christina Ifrim & Wolfgang Stinnesbeck

Venues and locations


The LAK will take place in the lecture halls of the Faculty of Chemistry and Geosciences and is organised by the Institute of Geography.

Weather in April can be quite varied, changing rapidly from cold and wet with abundant but short rain showers to sun. So please don't forget warm clothes and rain gear.


Heidelberg University Natural Sciences Campus Im Neuenheimer Feld is located north of river Neckar.

The LAK2017 will take place in the lecture hall of the Faculty of Chemisty and Earth Sciences, Hörsäle Chemie (252) as the blue marker shows below. The Ice-Breaker Party will take place at the Institute of Geoscience, campus Neuenheimer Feld, Heidelberg University. Further information coming soon.

Programme and Dates

You can download the programme here.



The Ice-Breaker Party will take place at the Institute of Geoscience, campus Neuenheimer Feld, Heidelberg University. Further information coming soon.

Registration and Abstracts


For regular participants: Please read the underneath information before proceeding with your registration. For participants from the Institute of Geography: Please register by sending an e-mail.

  • Early birds (deadline expired)
    • Regular participants € 150,00
    • Students € 100,00
  • Late Fee (NEW deadline Feb., 15, 2017)
    • Regular participants € 200,00
    • Students € 120,00

Please note:

The LAK fee for regular participants and students include conference abstracts, conference documentation, ice-breaker, coffee breaks and conference dinner. Registration is NOT possible during the meeting.

We have a special fee available for accompanying persons at € 80,00, which includes exclusively the social events (ice-breaker, coffee breaks and conference dinner). Please do not register accompanying persons. Just indicate their names on your registration sheet.

Technical details The registration process will create a unique ID Number for you. It is the last five digits of your booking number. Please use this number in the subject heading for all further communication with the organising team. Registration will be only completed after our confirmation of your concluded payment. Partial fees will not be accepted. Refunding of the registration fee will only be possible if cancellation notice is sent before January 22, 2017. To register, please follow this link: registration

Abstract submission

NEW Abstract submission deadline: February 15, 2017

Participants interested in giving oral or poster presentations are required to submit their abstracts prior to the deadline. To avoid extra costs we have to refuse submissions after the deadline, sorry. Abstracts which do not fullfill the formal criteria will be send back to the respective authors. The authors are fully responsible for orthographic and formal correctness and scientific content. Only one submission per abstract is possible, so please submit your final version!

Abstract specifications and submission instructions:
After submission you will receive a contribution number for your abstract. Please use this number for all further communication regarding the abstract. Abstract specifications and submission instructions:

  1. Limit of one page (DIN A4) including references.
  2. No figures allowed.
  3. Please use this abstract template (.doc).
  4. Abstracts must be submitted by email as attached computer files in .pdf format.
  5. Additionaly, please send a .doc file of the abstract
  6. Indicate in the title by a leading Poster or Talk your prefered form of presentation.
    e.g.: Poster: The Turon – Coniac Party, geology and x-mas rituals...
    Talk: Why becoming human? An evolutionary approach to mankind...
  7. Please look up your participant ID, i.e. the last 5 digits of your booking number which you received in the confirmation E-mail in the registration process, and use it as subject of your E-mail.
  8. Send Abstracts (.pdf AND .doc/.odt) to: lak2017@uni-heidelberg.de.
    Your abstract will only be included into the abstracts volume if registration and payment are completed in time.
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