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Kilian Schultes (HGIS club) Roland Wenzlhuemer (Cluster of Excellence)



An Integrated Web-Based Information And Analysis System For Historic Geodata: The Case of Lloyd's Lists

Since the late seventeenth century, the shipping newspaper Lloyd’s List and its direct predecessors contain weekly and later daily information on global shipping. The core of the Lists’ mostly tabular contents is formed by the categories Shipping Intelligence, Speakings, Foreign Mail, Casualties, and War. Especially, the first two categories are essential in our case. Shipping Intelligence consists of exhaustive lists of the arrivals, departures and other nautical activities of civilian ships in practically all important ports of the world. The Speakings list sightings of ships at the high seas and give both the sighted and the reporting ship with name and geographical coordinates.

The envisaged research will establish an exemplary interactive system that allows for the exploration of shipping information within the spatiotemporal context dealing with arising ambiguities and vagueness (possible pasts). To achieve this it is necessary to develop specific tools for linking, managing, visualizing, and analyzing historical information simultaneously via the World Wide Web, which goes beyond simple static mapping and allows for the identification of previously unknown patterns. This research study would also investigate geo-statistical methods for spatio-temporal analysis and clustering of shipping geo-information.

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