Exzellenzinitiative II / Maßnahme 7 Internationale Gastwissen­schaftler
Project Leader for University of Heidelberg

Research Project

Disaster Mapping 2.0: Collaborative Geographic Information Systems for Building Resilience against Disasters

The visiting professorship of Prof. Porto de Albuquerque will consist of research and teaching activities in the interdisciplinary field of Disaster Mapping 2.0 between Computer Science and Geography.

The use of collaborative technologies over the so-called Web 2.0 such as social media (e.g. facebook, twitter etc.) and collaborative maps (e.g. openstreetmaps) is changing the way in which our society collective experiences disasters. The recruiting and coordination via social media of an army of more than 10,000 volunteers during the Floods in the Elbe and Danube in 2013 explicitly show the impact of the new technologies. In order to make use of the high potential whilst also addressing the numerous challenges that these new collaborative technologies bring about for disaster management and disaster risk reduction, it is important to acquire fundamental knowledge on collaborative technologies and geographic information systems, and apply this knowledge into practical projects. Thus, the topic of Disaster Mapping 2.0 may serve not only as a motivational factor for students to acquire solid scientific education, but also as a source of inspiration for tackling in research the various issues that are raised in this application field.

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