Research Projekt

OpenStreetMap Exposure & Vulnerability datasets to support risk assessment

The main goal of this project is to prepare a global dataset of exposure and vulnerability from the OpenStreetMap (OSM) dataset to support risk assessment activities of the JRC (e.g. integration into GDACS/GloFAS/EFAS/GDO/EDO/EFFIS/GWIS, etc.). The selected dataset should reflect the global targets of the Sendai Framework as much as possible.

A deliverable will be a global harmonized dataset of each of the selected variables. Further the deliverable shall be a web service able to expose the dataset of the selected parameters via API and reproduce it on request from the latest available data of OSM. The data should be stored in any efficient format and the export functionality should also allow export a single or a set of parameters for full coverage or using standard spatial filters (e.g. bbox, continent, country, region etc).

Sendai Global Targets to be addressed are:

  • Health (C5, D2)
  • Education (C5, D3)
  • Industrial, commercial, Services (C3)
  • Critical Infrastructure and Basic Public Services (C5, D4, D6)
  • Cultural Heritage (C6)
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