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Former Projects

Forschungsprojekte Geoinformatik / GIScience


Wir kooperieren eng mit der HeiGIT gGmbH, An-Institut an der Universität Heidelberg. Das Heidelberg Institute for Geoinformation Technology (HeiGIT gGmbH) betreibt im Bereich Geoinformatik angewandte Forschung und Technologietransfer von der Forschung in die Praxis.


Current GIScience Projects

Former projects at Heidelberg University

Former projects at University of Bonn

Former projects at i3mainz, FH Mainz

Former projects at EML (European Media Laboratory Heidelberg)

  • SmartKom
    BMBF-lead project on Human-Computer-Interaction Multi-Modal Mobile Assistance and Navigation System
    CReation of User-friendly Mobile services PErsonalized for Tourism;(LBS) EU-Project; 5th. Framework; IST
  • Deep Map GIS
    Phd-Project of Prof. Zipf, Multi-Modal Distributed and Mobile Tourism Information System funded through the Klaus-Tschira-Foundation, KTS, Heidelberg; including:
    • FourthDimension – adding time to space
    • VirtualTourists – VR-tours through Heidelberg
    • WebGuide – a city guide for the internet
    • TouristBase – a database for tourists
    • Deep-OA-Map – Deep Map objects and agents
    • FindIT – personalized tour planning on the web
    as well affiliated with the GIS, 3D/VR and DB related parts in other projects within the Personal Memory group at EML.
    the latest versions of Deep Map – Technology is being used within the company Heidelberg Mobil and its products.
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