Geographisches Institut
Im Neuenheimer Feld 368
D-69120 Heidelberg
Former Projects

Forschungsprojekte Geoinformatik / GIScience

  • CrowdAnalyser – Spatio-temporal Analysis of User-generated Content
Current GIScience Projects

Former projects at Heidelberg University

Former projects at University of Bonn

Former projects at i3mainz, FH Mainz

Former projects at EML (European Media Laboratory Heidelberg)

  • SmartKom
    BMBF-lead project on Human-Computer-Interaction Multi-Modal Mobile Assistance and Navigation System
    CReation of User-friendly Mobile services PErsonalized for Tourism;(LBS) EU-Project; 5th. Framework; IST
  • Deep Map GIS
    Phd-Project of Prof. Zipf, Multi-Modal Distributed and Mobile Tourism Information System funded through the Klaus-Tschira-Foundation, KTS, Heidelberg; including:
    • FourthDimension – adding time to space
    • VirtualTourists – VR-tours through Heidelberg
    • WebGuide – a city guide for the internet
    • TouristBase – a database for tourists
    • Deep-OA-Map – Deep Map objects and agents
    • FindIT – personalized tour planning on the web
    as well affiliated with the GIS, 3D/VR and DB related parts in other projects within the Personal Memory group at EML.
    the latest versions of Deep Map – Technology is being used within the company Heidelberg Mobil and its products.
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