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Core Funded by
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Establishing the Heidelberg Institute for Geoinformation Technology

The project was running until June 2019 and was continued as HeiGIT gGmbH. Recent information can be found on the HeiGIT website

core funded by the Klaus Tschira Stiftung

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The project to establish a Heidelberg Institute for Geoinformation Technology (HeiGIT) is part of the GIScience Research Group at the Department of Geography, Heidelberg University. The objective is to facilitate the transfer of knowledge and technology from academia to practical applications and professional services. The focus lays on the analysis, refinement, enrichment and usage of big spatial data from the crowd for innovative applications and services.

We focus initially on three areas:

  • Big Spatial Data Analytics,
  • Navigation Intelligence and Location Based Services and
  • Innovative Services for Disaster Management.

Big Spatial Data Analytics Navigation Intelligence & Location Based Services
Analyses, Quality Assurance, Refinement and Utilisation of Crowdsourced Geographic Information from the Web using Data Mining and Geocomputation

Services and References
Innovative Traffic- and Mobility Solutions, Routing- and Navigation Services based on enhanced data from different sources including OpenStreetMap and the Social Web.

Services and References

Disaster Mapping – VGI for Humanitarian Support
Supporting humanitarian activities by developing up-to-date disaster maps and providing innovative GI services during catastrophes and for mitigating risk.

Services and References

Recent News:

12.07.2024 17:33
Enhancing school safety with openrouteservice: the digital school route planner

The OpenStreetMap (OSM) and openrouteservice (ORS) provide free geospatial data that serve a multitude of research and practical applications. OSM thrives on its community-driven approach, ensuring its data is always up-to-date and versatile. ORS takes this a step further by providing sophisticated routing services for various modes of transport, including walking, cycling, driving, and wheelchair […]

03.07.2024 14:30
OSM Landuse Data is available in HeiData

We are excited to announce that the data displayed on OSM – Landuse is now freely accessible. These data sets offer valuable insights and can be utilized for various applications. Urban planners will find the data useful for development projects and zoning regulations, while environmental researchers can study land use changes and their impact on […]

01.07.2024 17:32
HeiGIT’s 5 Years Milestone: Looking Back at our Achievements

HeiGIT is celebrating its fifth anniversary today, July 1st! To commemorate this occasion, we invite you to join us on a little walk down memory lane. As we reflect on our achievements and the milestones we have reached, we want to express our deepest gratitude to the partners, projects and people that have made our […]

27.06.2024 10:23
Reflections on the 2024 YouthMappers Leadership Fellows Workshop

The YouthMappers network recently held its 2024 Leadership Fellows Workshop, an inspiring event that brought together a top cohort of university students from around the globe. This year’s workshop, held in Bangkok, Thailand, was a dynamic seven-day program dedicated to exploring three critical Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): Zero Hunger (SDG 2), Sustainable Cities and Communities […]

26.06.2024 12:36
Mapping With Communities workshop at AGILE 2024

HeiGIT and Urban Big Data Centre (UBDC) hosted a successful international workshop entitled ‘Mapping with Communities’ at the AGILE 2024 conference in Glasgow, Scotland, UK. Responding to the conference theme of ‘Geographic Information Science for a Sustainable Future’ two teams facilitated activities with researchers from various European GI Science research centers. The Glasgow workshop followed the first event […]

21.06.2024 18:39
Quantifying CO2 Emissions from Land Use Changes

The role of land use changes in generating CO2 emissions is a crucial aspect in the fight against climate change. These emissions are the second-largest source of anthropogenic greenhouse gases, following energy production and usage. Given the urgent need to meet climate targets, especially the goal of achieving climate neutrality by 2040, detailed quantification of […]

18.06.2024 14:58
Use Case: ORS for Modeling Health and Well-Being

Open-source tools that incorporate open geospatial data, such as openrouteservice (ORS), prove to be beneficial for both academic research and practical applications. These tools enable researchers to pursue innovative approaches aimed at addressing complex societal challenges and beyond. A great illustration of this is presented in the journal paper titled “Modeling health and well-being measures […]

17.06.2024 14:22
Call for Papers: Special Issue on Urban AI in Environment and Planning B

Together with collaborators from Urban Analytics Lab Singapore and CICI Lab, we are organising a special issue in Environment and Planning B: Urban Analytics and City Science, on the topic of Urban AI for a Sustainable Built Environment. Here is the summary of the call for papers: “Recently, Urban AI has become an emerging field […]

14.06.2024 16:17
HeiGIT Joins STADTRADELN: Cycling Towards a Sustainable Future

The HeiGIT team is delighted to be part of the STADTRADELN initiative, a competition that has been promoting environmentally friendly mobility since 2008. For 21 days, participants try to cycle as many everyday journeys as possible and thus support a climate-friendly mode of transportation. Every year, the number of participants throughout Germany who join forces […]

11.06.2024 19:11
Enhancements in the QGIS Plugin for openrouteservice

The openrouteservice (ORS) QGIS plugin continues to evolve, bringing a suite of new features, improvements, and fixes that enhance its functionality and user experience. This update incorporates significant changes that will benefit users working on diverse geospatial projects. In this post, we highlight the key updates in the latest version of the ORS QGIS plugin. […]

10.06.2024 13:17
The new MapSwipe Web App is here!

No matter where you are or which device you are using, you can now do voluntary work and make a difference, all from your browser with MapSwipe Web App! Since 2015, MapSwipe has harnessed the collective force of volunteers to actively contribute to geoinformation-related projects. In science and in fields such as city and traffic […]

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