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Establishing the Heidelberg Institute for Geoinformation Technology

core funded by the Klaus Tschira Stiftung

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The project to establish a Heidelberg Institute for Geoinformation Technology (HeiGIT) is part of the GIScience Research Group at the Department of Geography, Heidelberg University. The objective is to facilitate the transfer of knowledge and technology from academia to practical applications and professional services. The focus lays on the analysis, refinement, enrichment and usage of big spatial data from the crowd for innovative applications and services.

We focus initially on three areas:

  • Big Spatial Data Analytics,
  • Navigation Intelligence and Location Based Services and
  • Innovative Services for Disaster Management.

Big Spatial Data Analytics Navigation Intelligence & Location Based Services
Analyses, Quality Assurance, Refinement and Utilisation of Crowdsourced Geographic Information from the Web using Data Mining and Geocomputation

Services and References
Innovative Traffic- and Mobility Solutions, Routing- and Navigation Services based on enhanced data from different sources including OpenStreetMap and the Social Web.

Services and References

Disaster Mapping – VGI for Humanitarian Support
Supporting humanitarian activities by developing up-to-date disaster maps and providing innovative GI services during catastrophes and for mitigating risk.

Services and References

Recent News:

15.05.2020 16:58
Announcing release 1.0 of ohsome API

Big news from the ohsome team: the release 1.0 of one of our major services, the ohsome API for ohsome OpenStreetMap History Analytics, is on the doorstep. We are bringing three major advancements along with this version. The first one is a completely new documentation of the API giving several examples to different endpoints. The [...]

11.05.2020 21:44
No place for climate change

Transdisciplinary study on climate change adaptation of urban squares Climate change is not only taking place on distant continents or far into the future, but here and now. In Germany, too, the temperature is rising – and even faster than the global average – and the number of hot days is increasing. Especially in cities, the [...]

28.04.2020 18:45
Advanced time-dependent routing soon available in Openrouteservice

We are thrilled to give you a sneak peak into routing with time-dependent road restrictions, the outcome of our collaboration with GraphHopper GmbH in the research project TARDUR supported by the mFUND initiative of the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) Germany. Our primary focus was on the most common time-dependent restrictions in OSM, namely access [...]

27.04.2020 16:01
Farmland abandonment in Rio de Janeiro state

Land use change in Brazil is often associated with a loss of natural habitat (Amazon, Cerrado, Pantanal,…) driven by farmland expansion. A current analysis by a team of Brazilian and German researchers (involving HeiGIT member Sven Lautenbach) shows that for Rio de Janeiro state farmland abandonment has been an important process. Approximately 1 million hectares [...]

23.04.2020 13:08
Video on research of 3DGeo on change analysis methods at an active rock glacier

Always been curious about how we develop our methods for 3D/4D change analysis? Then check out our new video on high-resolution and high-frequency monitoring of a rock glacier in Austria! Link to video LiDAR datasets of the rock glacier provide the basis for the development of 3D and 4D methods for geomorphic change quantification within different research projects [...]

22.04.2020 21:14
Virtual Semester Start Mapathon “Humanitarian help and climate change” by disastermappers Heidelberg

Dear disastermapping enthusiasts, The disastermappers heidelberg series of events “Open Data & the Sustainable Development Goals” begins right on time for the start of the upcoming summer semester. With these events the disastermappers raise awareness for the importance of freely available geographical data and their relevance for current social, ecological and economic challenges. In cooperation with many great [...]

17.04.2020 17:20
Climate Talk – Ein Podcast für das Klima

„Herzlich Willkommen, Freunde der Erde, bei climate talk, dem Podcast eures Vertrauens in Sachen Klima“. So begrüßt Alexandra Gnädig die HörerInnen ihres neuen Podcasts, den sie zusammen mit Anna Reiter aufnimmt. Ein Podcast für das Klima, mit dieser Idee spielen die beiden Geographiestudentinnen aus Heidelberg schon einige Zeit. Jetzt wurde daraus Realität. Inspiriert durch das [...]

17.04.2020 15:11
Student field trip to Northern England

From 2nd – 9th March 2020, students of our department took part in an excursion to Northern England. Among the areas visited under the lead of Dr. Jack Williams were the Peak and Lake Districts, the North York Moors National Parks and Durham County. Preliminary seminars provided the students with background knowledge on the topics covered [...]

17.04.2020 10:28
Analysing OSM Completeness of health facilities in Sub-Sahara Africa in ohsomeHeX

A new map in ohsomeHeX provides an overview of areas in Sub-Sahara Africa where information on health facilities is still missing in OpenStreetMap (OSM). The completeness of OSM is measured by comparing to a reference dataset on public health facilities in Sub-Sahara Africa, which was developed by Maina et al. 2019. Especially in these days, where the [...]

07.04.2020 17:49
Tales from a Special Spring at Geography Heidelberg

Best wishes and as happy Easter holidays as possible from GIScience Heidelberg! Our university campus is almost empty in its physical presence, our research is “virtually” contributing and still “flying”. Nature keeps on reminding us of its fantastic beauty but also distinctness. Spring is arriving at our department on campus (Prof. Hettner monument): Context transforms ordinary things and [...]

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