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Navigation Intelligence & Location Based Services

Nutzung, Qualitätssicherung und Veredelung von nutzergenerierten Geodaten für Verkehr, Mobilität, Navigation und Routing

Während z.B. Logistikunternehmen Anfahrtswege stets optimieren müssen, suchen Outdoor-Sportler nach Routen, die ihren individuellen Ansprüchen genügen. Um solch unterschiedliche Szenarien zu gewährleisten, müssen skalierbare, zuverlässige und innovative Geo-Services geschaffen werden, die maßgeschneidert auf die Nutzungsanforderungen angepasst sind. Hierzu entwickeln wir global verfügbare Services und Schnittstellen, die eine Vielzahl spezieller Mobilitätsprofile mit wesentlichem Mehrwert für den Nutzer bieten.

Unsere Leistungen

  • Verkehr- und Mobilitätslösungen, Erreichbarkeitsuntersuchungen, Datenanalyse und Modellierung in Bezug auf Mobilität und Transport
  • Entwicklung von Cloud-Lösungen sowie Schnittstellen (APIs) für spezialisierte Routing- und Navigationslösungen mit globaler Abdeckung
  • Entwicklung spezifier Web-basierter und mobiler Dienste und Anwendungen mit geographischem Kontext
  • Langjährige Expertise von OpenStreetMap-basierten Diensten und Qualitätssicherung von nutzergenerierten Daten für Ortsbasierte Dienste
  • Datenaufbereitung und –management, sowie Hosting in Deutschland unter Berücksichtigung von Datenschutz und Privacy

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Weitere Projekte - Veröffentlichungen - PhD Thesis

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17.07.2018 10:04
FOSS4G-Europe: Presentation about supporting personalised pedestrian and wheelchair navigation based on open source and open data in Openrouteservice

FOSS4G Europe as the European community event on free and open source gis is taking place this week July 16 to 20th, 2018 in Guimarães Portugal. A. Zipf is giving a talk about supporting personalised pedestrian routing options (like healthy and quiet routing) as well as wheelchair routing and navigation based on open source and open data. [...]

12.07.2018 10:30
AGIT30 was ohsome (and awesome)

Members of the HeiGIT team were presenting parts of our work at this years AGIT/GI_Forum conference in Salzburg, Austria (as already announced in a previous blogpost). Julian Bruns was presenting the results of a joint work with the KIT and his old employer, the FZI, which is published in the GI-Forum journal (English conference running in parallel to the AGIT), [...]

08.05.2018 22:14
Routing for Accessibility - new Project with City of Heidelberg

Accessibility is a widely discussed topic and there are a growing number of efforts to sensitise European cities and municipalities to the topic. A focus of such efforts is the facilitation of easy access to public places for everyone, including those with walking disabilities, balance and visual disorders, as well as people requiring the use [...]

26.04.2018 12:44
Apartment search with Openrouteservice; a new Python notebook example:

As promised we offer some more examples on how to use Openrouteservice for some applications. In this notebook  example, we’d like to showcase one way to go about finding an apartment based on OSM data. We’ll using different openrouteservice API’s to help you look for an apartment. Here is the full example with code and interactive [...]

22.04.2018 09:55
R package for Openrouteservice released!

Great news for all enthusiasts of R stats - the popular open source stats system: the HeiGIT ORS team has developed a package to facilitate querying the openrouteservice API from R. It allows you to painlessly consume the following services: directions (routing) geocode isochrones (accessibilty) time-distace matrix pois (points of interest) You do not have to fiddle with processing any street network data, but will [...]

09.04.2018 18:53
Celebrating 10 Years of Openrouteservice - The First OpenStreetMap Route Planner

Exactly 10 years ago openrouteservice.org came online for the very first time. Back then it was the very first online routing service consuming data from OpenStreetMap.org covering larger areas. So to say it is ‘the original‘ OSM routing service. It initially started with Germany only and soon we provided routing for Europe and finally the [...]

08.04.2018 10:25
Keynote at GISRUK Conference 2018, Leicester

Prof. Dr. Alexander Zipf is a invited keynote speaker at the 26th annual GIScience Research UK conference (GISRUK) will be held at the University of Leicester on 17-20 April 2018. On Thursday April 18th he will give a talk on “Operationalising Volunteered Geographic Information - From Analytics to Improvement and Application“. Much research has been conducted to [...]

21.03.2018 10:52
FOSSGIS.de Talk on Near Real Time OSM Data Extraction Service for Openrouteservice

Are you at the FOSSGIS.de conference in Bonn this week? Don’t miss the lightning talk by Stefan Eberlein on OpenStreetMap Extracts as a Service in near “Real-Time”. Date: 22.03., 9:4 am. Room: Alfred-Philippson-Hörsaal Lightning Talk: OpenStreetMap-Extrakte als Service in nahezu “Real-Time” Track: Freie Daten The Real-time OSM data extraction service provides individual OSM extracts in near real-time. The software was [...]

28.02.2018 09:48
Avoiding Countries, Fetching Population Statistics and Responding in GeoJSON with Openrouteservice!

Restricting Borders in openrouteservice Have you ever wanted to route between countries in Europe but only cross Schengen borders? Or maybe route from Detroit to Buffalo without crossing into Canada? Well now with openrouteservice you can! With the introduction of the new border crossing restrictions feature on driving profiles, you can tell the openrouteservice API to avoid [...]

09.02.2018 14:36
Enrichment of OpenStreetMap Data Completeness with Sidewalk Geometries for Wheelchair Routing

Tailored routing and navigation services utilized by wheelchair users (such as provided by OpenRouteService.org ) require certain information about sidewalk geometries and their attributes to execute efficiently. Except some minor regions/cities, such detailed information is often not sufficiently present in current versions of crowdsourced mapping databases including OpenStreetMap. In a recent study (1) we aim [...]

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