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Navigation Intelligence & Location Based Services

Analyses and Utilization of Volunteered Geographic Information (VGI) from the Crowd for Mobility, Navigation and Routing Services

Navigation and Routing play an important role for different kinds of purposes within the context of mobility. For example logistics companies depend on optimized access routes for freight deliveries, while hikers and cyclists continually seek for individually adapted trails. Answering such individual requirements needs a sophisticated set of specialized routing and navigation profiles, optimized for the specific user. To this end, we process and enhance rich and crowd-generated Volunteered Geographic Information to deliver specific services providing maximum benefit for the user.

Our Services

  • Traffic- and Mobility Solutions, Accessibility Analysis, Data Analysis and Modelling related to Mobility and Transportation
  • Development of Cloud-Services and APIs for specific Routing- and Navigation solutions with global coverage
  • Design and Development of both Web- and Mobile Applications using the Spatial Context
  • Many years of expertise in OpenStreetMap-based Services and Quality Assurance of user-generated content

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Further Information

19.02.2019 20:19
Using Openrouteservice in the data science platform alteryx

You can also use Openrouteservice via the self-service data analytics plattform alteryx, when you are a user of that data science product. Pablo Sáenz de Tejada (The Information Lab) has shared some macros on the alteryx public gallery using the Openrouteservice API that allows you to geocode addresses, calculate routes and create isochrones using the alteryx environment. https://gallery.alteryx.com/#!app/Calculate-Isochrones/5c1931b00462d724a455ae28 https://gallery.alteryx.com/#!app/Calculate-Route/5c193104826fd30084be8fa7 https://gallery.alteryx.com/#!app/Geocode-Addresses/5c1963f08a93370dc8e4de35 And [...]

24.01.2019 13:06
Solve routing optimization with VROOM + openrouteservice

In a Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP, an example is the Traveling Salesman Problem), we are concerned with finding optimal routes for a fleet of vehicles having to reach given destinations, e.g. in order to deliver goods to customers. Due to its high computational complexity, this task requires dedicated VRP solvers, such as VROOM. In collaboration with [...]

11.01.2019 14:12
Road access restriction information in openrouteservice

The new year started in the openrouteservice team at HeiGIT with the release of openrouteservice 4.7.2. In this release there were a number of bug fixes, but also some new features. The main one of these is the inclusion of information about access restrictions when your route takes you over roads that are marked in [...]

07.01.2019 14:14
Erreichbarkeitsanalyse von Haltestellen des öffentlichen Personennahverkehrs in Stuttgart per Openrouteservice

In einer aktuellen Publikation der Stadt Stuttgart wird die Erreichbarkeit von Haltestellen des öffentlichen Personennahverkehrs in Stuttgart untersucht. Für die Berechnung der Isochronen wurde das kostenfrei nutzbare QGIS-Plugin OSM Tools verwendet. Dieses nutzt den seit 2008 verfügbaren Openrouteservice des Heidelberg Institute for Geoinformation Technology (HeiGIT). Das Toolset umfasst Routing, Geocoding, Isochronen und Matrixberechnungen, entweder interaktiv im Kartenbereich [...]

22.12.2018 14:07
openrouteservice-js - your JS library for spatial node applications!

And here comes another little Christmas present by HeiGIT: In addition to our previously released and highly appreciated python and R libraries we now offer an additional JavaScript API making the usage of the openrouteservice ecosystem covering the entire globe based on OpenStreetMap in your web applications terribly simple. From now on you will be [...]

18.12.2018 12:00
openelevationservice: enrich geometries with elevation

We published a new endpoint within the openrouteservice API ecosystem: openelevationservice. It queries a remote DEM for every vertex of a LineString or Point geometry. The underlying DEM is limited to SRTM v4.1 by CGIAR Consortium for Spatial Information as of now, though we’re working towards integrating more high-resolution datasets. openelevationservice returns the altitude of plain [...]

28.11.2018 11:46
New OpenRouteService API playground

After the release of the new OpenRouteService dashboard the team has worked on a new interactive API documentation application named API Playground , that allows the users to explore all the OpenRouteService API services, parameters and responses in an intuitive and easy way. It is possible run requests, see the response in a map, table [...]

15.11.2018 19:42
Over 50 Open Source GIScience Repositories on GitHub

The GIScience Research Group at Heidelberg University and the Heidelberg Institute for Geoinformation Technology (HeiGIT) are happy to share the their GIScience github repository contains now already over 50 open source repositories and it’s still growing. These contain results from several research projects and in particular also some very active long term activities. Most of the tools [...]

12.11.2018 16:58
How much do you know about Wheelmap?

Within the European FP7 project “CAP4Access“, we studied the usage of crowdsourced geographic information (and more specifically OpenStreetMap data) for improving accessibility in selected European regions. This 3 year research study led to several implementations and extensions of Open Source GI solutions with respect to OSM data quality assessment as well as wheelchair routing and [...]

08.11.2018 14:16
GeOnG Conference 2018: Workshop Materials and Slides

After the successful GeOnG conference 2018 in chambery we want to thank the organizers and all participants. We contributed in several ways, as already highlighed in our previous blogpost. Now, we also want to share our slides and workshop material with everyone interested. Round table discussion: Machine Learning, AI & satellite imagery: what impact on humanitarian mapping: [...]

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