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Navigation Intelligence & Location Based Services

Analyses and Utilization of Volunteered Geographic Information (VGI) from the Crowd for Mobility, Navigation and Routing Services

Navigation and Routing play an important role for different kinds of purposes within the context of mobility. For example logistics companies depend on optimized access routes for freight deliveries, while hikers and cyclists continually seek for individually adapted trails. Answering such individual requirements needs a sophisticated set of specialized routing and navigation profiles, optimized for the specific user. To this end, we process and enhance rich and crowd-generated Volunteered Geographic Information to deliver specific services providing maximum benefit for the user.

Our Services

  • Traffic- and Mobility Solutions, Accessibility Analysis, Data Analysis and Modelling related to Mobility and Transportation
  • Development of Cloud-Services and APIs for specific Routing- and Navigation solutions with global coverage
  • Design and Development of both Web- and Mobile Applications using the Spatial Context
  • Many years of expertise in OpenStreetMap-based Services and Quality Assurance of user-generated content

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Further Information

20.08.2019 13:56
Interested in time-dependent routing?

We are delighted to invite you to join a workshop on open-source routing with time-dependent restrictions, see http://giscienceblog.uni-hd.de/2019/04/17/project-tardur-starts-open-source-routing-with-time-dependent-restrictions/. The workshop is taking place on Friday before the State of the Map conference, 20th September 2019 in Heidelberg. It is free of charge and will last from 9:00 to 16:00 with a lunch break in between. Detailed [...]

23.07.2019 08:32
New ORS Jupyter example about Fleet Scheduling for Disaster Response with ORS and VROOM

Routing optimization in a humanitarian context Routing optimization generally solves the Vehicle Routing Problem (a simple example being the more widely known Traveling Salesman Problem). A more complex example would be the distribution of goods by a fleet of multiple vehicles to dozens of locations, where each vehicle has certain time windows in which it can operate and [...]

15.07.2019 07:57
meinGrün @roadto_festival: What OSM tells us about urban green space features

Where is the next shaded bench to escape the burning heat? Where can I play soccer within the city and later on have a barbecue with my friends? All of these questions require information about features of urban green spaces. Although it is easy to find the right place within your own neighbourhood, it is [...]

30.06.2019 15:52
Do you need a shady route because it is too hot?

IT IS HOT! So you are looking for a more shady pedestrian route through the urban jungle? You might then prefer some routes that go through public green spaces with trees and bushes. Thank goodness we are working already on such green and also shady routing together with some partners in the mFund project meinGrün. [...]

22.05.2019 09:15
Disaster Risk Reduction, OpenStreetMap and Missing Maps at Global Platform 2019

Global Platform 2019 in Geneva Creating maps helps humanity. Drawing maps together with communities is crucial for effective risk reduction interventions, ensuring no one is left behind. The progress of the implementation of the targets set by the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) have been key discussion points during this years Global Platform in Geneva. [...]

17.05.2019 08:54
Sonniges „meinGrün“ Konsortiumstreffen in Heidelberg

Letzte Woche fand das zweite große Konsortiumstreffen im Projekt „meinGrün“ in Heidelberg statt. Zusammen mit unseren Projektpartnern vom IÖR , DLR , ISB AG , dem Institut für Kartographie der TU Dresden , Terra Concordia (mundraub.org) und Urbanista haben wir zwei Tage lang an der Weiterentwicklung unserer App gearbeitet, welche es Bürgerinnen in [...]

23.04.2019 17:19
Projekt “TARDUR” startet: Open-Source-Routenplanung mit zeitabhängigen Beschränkungen

Zeitabhängige Sperrungen und Nutzungsbeschränkungen von Straßen werden bislang in keiner frei verfügbaren Software zur Routenplanung genutzt. In dem im März gestarteten Projekt “TARDUR - Temporal Access Restrictions for Dynamic Ultra-Flexible Routing” gehen die Universität Heidelberg und die Firma GraphHopper dieses Problem an. Das Projekt wird im Rahmen der Förderrichtlinie Modernitätsfonds (”mFUND”) mit insgesamt 100.000 Euro [...]

18.04.2019 17:59
meinGrün Umfrage: Wofür nutzen Sie städtische Grünflächen?

Alle Jahre wieder blühen die Kirschbäume vor unserem Institutsgebäude in voller Pracht und laden Passanten allen Alters ein zum Verweilen. Städtische Grünflächen wie diese leisten einen wichtigen Beitrag zur urbanen Lebensqualität, indem sie viele Funktionen wie Naturerfahrung, sozialen Austausch und Erholung ermöglichen. Jedoch eignet sich nicht jeden Grünfläche gleichermaßen für jeden Einzelnen [...]

17.04.2019 21:15
Project “TARDUR” starts: Open-source routing with time-dependent restrictions

Time-dependent restrictions and temporal road closures are so far not considered in any freely available software for route planning. Heidelberg University and the company GraphHopper aim to address this issue in their joint project “TARDUR - Temporal Access Restrictions for Dynamic Ultra-Flexible Routing”. The project started in March and is supported by the Federal Ministry [...]

02.04.2019 16:01
Preview of new Openrouteservice Client for Web and Mobile

A first preview on the new client for Openrouteservice has been released as a public beta. It is available at https://openrouteservice.org/map/ . Wit the features implemented until now the new map client is already functional. `There are some important functionalities to be implemented yet`, but it is already useful for routing. It is also important to emphasize [...]

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