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GIScience / Geoinformatics Research Group


The GIScience Research Group is engaged in innovative basic and applied research at the interface between geography and the computational sciences. We thereby focus on the investigation of user-generated geographical content (VGI, Crowdsourcing, Citizen Science), for which we develop innovative methods and analytical approaches. More specifically, our thematic focuses are on volunteered geographic information (VGI), big spatial data analytics, smart mobility and humanitarian aid, such as disaster management. Through the Heidelberg Institute for Geoinformation Technology (HeiGIT gGmbH) at Heidelberg University, we have the opportunity to translate our research work into practical solutions. In addition, we support our institute's study programmes in geography with numerous courses on relevant GI methods that allow our students to formally specialize in geoinformatics.

Please note our vacancies.

Latest News

News from our daily work can be found at giscienceblog.uni-hd.de (also available as RSS-Feed). You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date.

13.10.2021 12:50
Uncovering the dynamics of the inland dunes in Sandhausen using UAV-borne 3D data acquisition

For the first time, the inland dunes in Sandhausen (Baden-Württemberg, Germany) have been captured by UAV-borne photogrammetry and laser scanning. The dunes are a precious habitat for many specialized plants and animals. They formed during the last ice age by sand drift from the Rhine valley. The large inland dunes, originally stretching from Karlsruhe to [...]

11.10.2021 17:28
Diskussionsrunde zum Thema «Humanitäre Kartographie» bei den Mannheimer einander.Aktionstagen 2021

Im Rahmen der  Aktionstage 2021 des Mannheimer Bündnis, bietet Mannheimer Mapathons e.V. eine offene Diskussionsrunde zum Thema «Humanitäre Kartographie» an. Auf dem Podium: Melanie Eckle-Elze, Benjamin Herfort (Disastermappers-HD) und Sandra Sudhoff (CartONG-France). Anschließend wird es für alle Teilnehmer*innen eine Gelegenheit geben, an einer «Probefahrt» zur Kartierung auf OpenStreetMap im PC-Raum teilzunehmen. Die Veranstaltung (live) [...]

11.10.2021 12:59
Kick-off workshop for the research program “Innovation for adaptation to climate change” by Baden-Württemberg Stiftung

The project HEAL (HeiGIT, GIScience, TdLab Geographie) is funded by the Baden-Württemberg Stiftung as part of the research program “Innovation for adaptation to climate change“. HEAL aims at an extension of the openrouteservice to allow the generation of heat avoiding routes, using Heidelberg as a test case. The project aims specifically at vulnerable groups such [...]

07.10.2021 12:53
HeiGIT and MapAction at FOSS4G 2021: Using the ohsome quality analyst to support humanitarian mapping

Last week, the annual conference FOSS4G (Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial) has been taken place online. The conference is organized by The Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo) and attracts over 1000 developers, users, decision-makers and observers from a broad spectrum of organizations and fields of operation each year. HeiGIT and MapAction [...]

04.10.2021 09:46
Vortrag am 14. Technologiesalon der GEOkomm

Das Netzwerk GEOkomm e.V. führt am Donnerstag den 07.Oktober den 14. Technologiesalon durch. Schwerpunktthema sind die Herausforderungen im Bereich kommunaler Infrastrukturen. GEOkomm e.V. möchte die Herausforderungen in diesem Themenfeld im neuen ZIM-Netzwerk „risKI – Resilienz, Integrität und Sicherheit kommunaler Infrastrukturen“ aufgreifen und im Rahmen der Veranstaltung diskutieren. Herr Dr. Schilling von virtualcitySYSTEMS GmbH wird die FuE-Aktivitäten [...]

30.09.2021 11:09
Impulse aus der Corona-Krise

“International erfolgreiche Wissenschaft ist bislang untrennbar verknüpft mit weltweiter Reiseaktivität. Der vor allem durch Flugreisen verursachte Treibhausgasausstoß steht im Widerspruch zum Klimaschutz. Die Corona-Krise wirkte disruptiv auf etablierte Praktiken des Austauschs und zeigte plötzlich Wege auf, die zuvor kaum denkbar waren. Doch was passiert nach der Pandemie? Wie kann es gelingen, auf den Erfahrungen aufbauend, [...]

28.09.2021 09:10
Today paper on green routing at GIScience conference 2021

The “11th International Conference on GIScience” 2021 started!  Our full paper related to MeinGrün project and openrouteservice will be presented this Tuesday 13:30 CET in Session 3 “Mobility”: 13:30-13:45: Christina Ludwig, Sven Lautenbach, Eva-Marie Schömann and Alexander Zipf. Comparison of simulated fast and green routes for cyclists and pedestrians. Routes with a high share of greenery are [...]

27.09.2021 07:44
Social Sensing Workshop at GIScience Conference 2021

On Monday , Sep. 27 our “Social Sensing Workshop” at the “11th International Conference on GIScience” 2021 will take place. We are also happy to make you aware of full paper related to MeinGrün project and openrouteservice at the main conference that will be presented on Tuesday 13:30 CET in Session 3 “Mobility”: C. Ludwig, S. Lautenbach, [...]

24.09.2021 11:34
HeiGIT Maps support DKFZ’s Cancer Information Service

One of HeiGIT’s goals is the beneficial use of geoinformation for society. To this end we provide a range of different Web services, mostly based on OpenStreetMap (OSM), such as openrouteservice or the OSM history analytics platform ohsome.org. In particular we also offer several OSM based map services such as the topographic maps OSM-WMS.de , [...]

23.09.2021 09:47
New training program “Research Training on Harnessing Data Science for Global Health Priorities in Africa”

A new training program, “Research Training on Harnessing Data Science for Global Health Priorities in Africa” has been granted by the US National Institute of Health (NIH) and will build upon existing data science research capacity at the partnering institutions to enhance innovative new data science research capacity related to health priorities in Africa. Harvard University [...]

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GIScience Team

GIScience team at a jour fixe meeting in 2017

GIScience Team

GIScience team at a jour fixe meeting in 2014

GIScience Team

GIScience team at a retreat at Trifels-Annweiler in February 2013

GIScience Team

GIScience team at a jour fixe meeting in June 2012

In Memoriam Peter Meusburger
Peter Meusburger

On 18 December 2017, Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Peter Meusburger died far too soon. We mourn for a great scientist, teacher and colleague. In the mid 90s he implemented the first GIS pool at Heidelberg University and started GIS related research. He will not be forgotten. ((Message of the University)

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