Kristina König

Im Neuenheimer Feld 348
Raum 018
69120 Heidelberg
Telefon: +49 6221 54-5538
Fax: +49 6221 54-4529


Kristina König, Diplom Geographer

Subject of thesis
  • 3D Laser Scanning - Vegetation Investigation and Signature Analysis
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Research Interests
  • Laser Scanning (LiDAR)
  • Object-Based Image and 3D Point Cloud Analysis
  • Vegetation Investigation and Signature Analysis
  • Radiometric Calibration/Correction of LiDAR data
  • 3D Spatial Data and Analysis Infrastructures
  • Open Source GI
  • Spatial Database Systems and Modeling
  • (Spatial) Data Mining
Offered / Supervised Courses (since 2012)
Curriculum vitae
  • since 10/2012: Research Assistant at the GIScience research group, Heidelberg University
  • 10/2006-05/2012 Studies of Geography, Geoscience and Urban Planning at Heidelberg University
  • 10/2004-05/2006 Studies of Geophysics at Karlsruhe University

Posters, Talks & Short Contributions

Diploma Thesis

  • König, K. (2012): Laser Scanning for 3D Object Characterization: Exploration and Analysis of Vegetation Signatures. Unpublished. University of Heidelberg
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