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Laura Kühl

Laura Kühl is a Research Assistant at the GIScience Research Group of the Institute of Geography, Heidelberg University. Her position is funded by the Heidelberg Academy of Sciences and Humanities.

Research Interests
  • Volunteered Geographic Information (VGI)
  • Human–environment interaction
  • Decision-making processes and collectives
  • Cultural impact on geographies
  • Formal reasoning (algebraic methods)
Curruculum Vitae
  • Since 05/2021: Research Assistant, Heterogeneity and Convergence in Shared Data Sources, Heidelberg Academy of Sciences and Humanities
  • Since 10/2017: Studies in Mathematics and Geography, Heidelberg University
  • 07/2016: Bachelor of Science in Geosciences, University of Basel
  • 10/2014–12/2015: Student Assistant, Meteorological Institute, University of Basel
  • in preparation
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