3D Micro-Mapping


3D Micro-Mapping is presented on the 57th Photogrammetric Week! Find the slides here.
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Start Mapping!

Contribute to the current 3D Micro-Mapping project: Mapping Trees from Profiles.

Project Status: Mapping Trees from Profiles
Mapped trees:35073
Solved tasks:2264
Time per task (avg.):7.19 s
Trees per task (avg.):6.61
3D points checked:1995358475
Last accessed:2021-04-16 04:22:38
Ranking of contributors
1) Steven3017
2) borazslo2959
3) fabi2409
4) Schmohlo1743
5) MellowMan1582
6) Marina1051
7) Bernhard884
8) Jack794
9) yorgosc679
10) ywhuang678

*User names are selected by the contributors and are in their full responsibility.

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  • SYSSIFOSS: Synthetic structural remote sensing data for improved forest inventory models
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