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Anastassia Biederstaedt

Anastassia Biederstaedt is a Ph. D. student in the research group Human Geography of North America and participates in the Ph.D. in American Studies Program: Class of 2018 of the HCA. Her dissertation that carries the working title Animal Milk in Human Culture – A Critical Study of U.S. Milk Advertisements in the 20th Century is planned as an interdisciplinary project that examines milk advertisements as outcomes of a complex interplay of social and historical vectors of power. On a more general level, her dissertation also analyzes the meaning of milk within geographies of food. Anastassia Biederstaedt studied Anglistics and Art History at the Univeristy of Stuttgart, earning a B.A. which was followed up by a M.A. in Anglistics.

Research interests

Regarding the broad field of American Studies, Anastassia Biederstaedt mainly focuses on ethnic literatures and cultures. In this area, she is also interested in Post-Colonial questions that range beyond the borders of North America. Queer and gender studies belong to Anastassia Biederstaedt's earliest research emphases. Moreover, Anastassia Biederstaedt is highly interested in posthumanism and theoretical questions which arise at the interfaces of human and animal and human and machine.

  • Rühl, Anastassia (2014): Bodies in Escape – Performative Gender versus Gender as Institution in Jackie Kay's Trumpet and Jeffrey Eugenides' Middlesex. Stuttgart. M.A. thesis. (unpublished).
  • Rühl, Anastassia (2011): Dead Man and the Mythic West: Anglo-Saxon Values Revised. Stuttgart. B.A. thesis. (unpublished).
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