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Topics of Urban Geography, in particular current urban development processes out of a social, planning, political and economic perspective, are the focus of attention in teaching. Additionally, various classes about North American Regional Geography are offered, which are also pertinent to students of the Bachelor and Master programs in American Studies. Applied teaching sessions also are of particular importance: A great number of urban development processes can be explored in the context of field works, field trips and seminars. For this purpose methods of qualitative and quantitative empirical social research are offered.

Innovative university teaching in Geography

Teaching is not only for students an important topic. In times of Bachelor and Master teaching at universities should not only be standardized, but quality and demands should be further extended. Therefore creative ideas and demands are necessary. In close cooperation with the Working Group Teaching Geography at Universities of the German Association of Geography innovative concepts of university teaching are developed which can be assigned and used via an interactive teaching platform Lehrraum Geographie. This platform enables the development and communication of teaching ideas and concepts for classes. Also E-Learning-programs for students such as Virtual Canadian Studies provide an opportunity to extend the offer of various class structures innovatively.

Lectures and seminars

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Lecture North American City Gerhard Tue, 9-11
Lecture series Introduction to Human Geography Gerhard & Colleges Wed, 9-11
Lecture series Bachelor North American Studies Gerhard & HCA Colleges Tue, 16-19
Seminar Atlas metropolitan region Rhein Necker: Presentation, Perception, Acceptance and Identification Gerhard, Schweitzer Mon, 14-16
Research Colloquium City / Northamerica Gerhard Tue, 14-16
Proseminar Urban Geography Keller Wed, 14-16
Tutorial Lecture Human Geography Schulz Tue, 9-11
Tutorial Lecture Human Geography Schulz Tue, 11-13
Applied Human Geography Foundations and challenges of City and Locationplanning Bumiller Mon, 16-19
Small field trip Social space city Holler Blockseminar: 19.10, 25.10., 26.10, 08.11.
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