Anthony Meluso

Anthony Meluso is a researcher associated with the Heidelberg Center for American Studies, the Heidelberg Center for Ibero American Studies and the Geographies of North America group. As part of the research training group on Authority and Trust (GKAT), he is currently studying the role of trust in jobs creation programs with migrant communities in the southwestern United States. His project is supervised by Yaatsil Guevara Gonzaléz. Anthony received a masters in Geography from the University of New Mexico for research on water conflicts in northern Mexico. Subsequently, he has worked on water rights and community organizing projects. Anthony also produced a documentary on the memorializing efforts surrounding the WWII era Japanese-American internment camp in Amache, Colorado..

Research Areas

Regionally focused on the Southwestern United States, Anthony is interested in geographies of development and transnational connections of people, places and non-human actors. He applies mixed methods approaches such as participant observation and spatial statistics.