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Philipp Schulz

Philipp Schulz is a PhD student in the research group Geography of North America / Urban Geography. In his doctoral thesis he raises the question of how to combine digitalization and sustainability in the context of current urban development processes. While digital technologies might lead to an acceleration of everyday life and therefore induce a lack of sustainability, these technologies can also provide innovative solutions to urgent future issues. According to an urban geographical perspective, this ambivalence should not only be considered by focusing on a technological perspective, but rather by studying different social aspects.

Philipp Schulz studied geography at Heidelberg University from 2013 to 2019 and examined the influence of Airbnb for urban development in Berlin and Heidelberg in his master's thesis. The study of concepts such as "sharing economy" and "platform urbanism" forms a starting point for the questions of his doctoral thesis.

  • Schulz, P. (2019): Wohnen in Städten bald nur noch die digitalen Kreativen? Online unter: „XING Klartext".
  • Schulz, P. (2019): Zwischen „Sharing Economy“ und „Platform Urbanism“ – Die Bedeutung von Airbnb für die Stadtentwicklung am Beispiel von Berlin und Heidelberg. (unveröffentlichte Masterarbeit)
  • Schulz, P. (2019): Digitalisierung als Heilsbringer? Smarte und nachhaltige Städte. Junge Klimakonferenz Deutschland, 05.10.2019.
  • Schulz, P. & Wolf, D. (2019): Zwischen Tradition und Moderne – Eine studentische Exkursion in den Iran. Heidelberger Geographische Gesellschaft, 18.06.2019.
Wintersemester 2019/2020:
  • Übung zur Vorlesung Humangeographie
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