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Azadeh Akbari, MSc

Azadeh Akbari has started her PhD studies in Human Geography since April 2016. She was graduated from London School of Economics and political sciences with an MSc degree in Gender (Research) in 2011. She received her bachelor’s degree in Social Research from Allameh Tabatabaei University in Tehran. For many years she has been a journalist and activist.


Azadeh's research uses Iran as a case study to investigate the links between surveillance and spatial justice in physical and virtual spaces. She defines spatial|Data justice as an interdisciplinary approach to position data justice in a matrix of injustices in a broader political framework.

  • Akbari, A. (2019). Spatial|Data justice: Mapping and Digitised Strolling against Moral Police in Iran. GDI Development Informatics Working Papers, Paper No. 76. University of Manchester.
  • Akbari, A., Gabdulhakov, R. (2019). Platform Surveillance and Resistance in Iran and Russia: The Case of Telegram. Surveillance and Society, 17:1/2, p223-231
  • Akbari, A. (2011). Public Sexual Harassment in Tehran: Shame, Respectability, Honour and Gender Performativity. MSc Dissertation, LSE Gender Institute, September 2011.
  • Akbari, A. (2009). The Women’s Movement: An Emerging Power. LSE IDEAS Strategic Updates: Prospects for Reform? The Iranian Elections, June 2009, 11-14.
  • Madani, S., Akbari, A. et al. (2011). Drug management in Iran: A periodical schema. Addiction Research and theory, 19:2, p112-120.
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