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Prof. Dr. Natalie Koch

Dr. Natalie Koch is Professor for Human Geography at Heidelberg’s Geography Institute since August 2022. She is originally from Tucson, Arizona (Tohono O’odham lands) and first studied Geography and Russian Area Studies at Dartmouth College (B.A. 2006). After completing her M.A. (2009) and Ph.D. (2012) in Geography at the University of Colorado at Boulder, she taught at Syracuse University’s Geography Department for 10 years.

Prof. Koch specializes in political geography, with a broad interest in how the territorial state system is maintained, and how individuals become subjects in different political systems and spaces. She has a special interest in the topics of authoritarianism, geopolitics, sovereignty and empire, nationalism, citizenship, and politics in resource-rich states. Empirically, she examines alternative sites of geopolitics – including spectacle, nationalist rituals and landscapes, science and higher education, sport, culture, environmental policy and sustainability initiatives, and a wide range of state-based developmental schemes. Prof. Koch previously worked in Central Asia, but her fieldwork is now focused on the Arabian Peninsula. In addition to broader studies of authoritarianism and nationalism, she has several ongoing projects about the transnational ties that bind the Arab Gulf countries, actors, and ideas to other parts of the world.


political geography, geopolitics, authoritarianism, nationalism, citizenship, energy and resource governance, sport, cultural geography, qualitative methods, Gulf and Arabian Peninsula studies



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