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Human Geography

Human Geography

Human Geography focuses on spaces and places. This encompasses spatial structures and patterns of social interaction, as e.g. visible in the architectural structures of cities or in the spatial organization of economic areas. But it also includes spaces in our minds, geographical imaginations and the symbolic character of places. The interactions between regions (e.g. the worldwide economic networks, the global networks of knowledge etc.) as well as the interdependencies between different spatial levels (global – national – regional – local) are particularly relevant for geographers. Human Geography is the science of the spatial organization of human action and the relationships between society and environment (for more details, please see the homepage of Prof. Gebhardt).

Research interests of the staff focus on a variety of different research projects especially in the field of urban geography, (new) cultural geography and political geography. In recent years projects dealing with political and social aspects of environmental issues (e.g. global climate change) have gained importance. Regionally, the research is concentrating on South West Germany, the Middle East, South East Asia and China (more details on the following PDF or under Research).

In Teaching, besides imparting basic knowledge in general and regional Human Geography, emphasis is laid on addressing current social issues and conflicts from a geographic perspective. Many regard the large excursions in non-European countries a highlight of geographical teaching (for more details, please see the homepages of the Staff and Excursions).

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