Funding: German Research Foundation DFG
Duration: since 2006 – 2010
Project coordinators
Prof. Dr. Georg Glasze
Dr. Annika Mattissek
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Scientific network: concepts, methodologies and empirical instruments of discourse analysis in human geography

The idea that spaces are objectively given has been challenged within human geography and various social and cultural sciences within the last years. In the context of the spatial turn concepts are being discussed that address the constitution and reproduction of spaces. Against this background discourse theoretical approaches have gained importance in both human geography and the neighboring social and cultural sciences. Discourse analytical approaches are offering an enormous heuristic potential for human geography: localizations, demarcations and regionalizations can be questioned as contingent and analyzed with respect to their constitution.

Since 2005 a group of scientists has established within German-speaking human geography that deals with discourse theoretical approaches and their applicability for human geographic and space-related questions. In this context researchers from more than twelve different departments are addressing issues of discourse theory and methodology.

Between july 2006 and spring 2010 the group has been financially supported as a scientific networks by the German Research Foundation (DFG). The network was able to deepen cooperation between human geographers interested in discourse analysis and at the same time to intensify the exchange with researchers from other social and cultural sciences as well as linguistics. The objective of the project is to develop both a well-founded social theoretical basis as well as a set of empirical instruments for discourse oriented research.

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