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Chunyu Dong


My research is focusing on snow cover analysis with remote sensing, hydrological modeling and in situ observations. One topic of my Ph.D. project is the integration of remotely sensed and ground-based snow data, which shows the capability for developing more accurate and cloud-free areal snow datasets. The improved snow records are utilized to validate and calibrate the snow simulations of our hydrological model TRAIN with data assimilation. My research also concerns the snow processes in mountain regions. Meteorological monitoring and time-lapse photography are applied to study the snow accumulation, melt and interception processes in montane forest environments, which can contribute to improving the snow modules of our hydrological model.

Curriculum Vitae
  • Since 04/2012: Doctoral candidate, Institute of Geography, Heidelberg University, Germany
    Thesis: Assessing the availability of remote sensing, hydrological model and in situ observation in snow cover research.
  • 09/2008 – 12/2011: Master of Science degree, Center for Hydrologic Cycle and Water Resources in Arid Region, Lanzhou University, China
    Thesis: Observation experiment of the water cycle and lake water balance in Alxa Desert
  • 09/2004 – 06/2008: Bachelor of Science degree, College of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Lanzhou University, China
  • Dong, C. Y. & Menzel, L., Potential of meteorological data for improving remotely sensed snow data in water resources assessment. International Conference Water Resources Assessment and Seasonal Prediction, Koblenz, 14.10.2015. (Poster)
  • Dong, C. Y. & Menzel, L., Monitoring snow cover variability in the Upper Rhine Region with improved MODIS snow products. IGU(International Geographical Union) Regional Conference, Moscow, 18.08.2015.
  • Dong, C. Y. & Menzel, L., Spatio-temporal variation of snow cover in the Upper Rhine Region based on MODIS data. AAG (Association of American Geographers) Annual Meeting, Chicago, 24.04.2015.
  • Dong, C. Y. & Menzel, L., Untersuchungen zum Langzeitverhalten der Schneedecke in Südwestdeutschland. Tag der Hydrologie 2015, Bonn, 20.03.2015. (Poster)
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