Ying Yi

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Ying Yi

Ying Yi is a visiting PhD student in Heidelberg University. Her research is mainly focused on snow cover changes and their hydrological effects. She received a master’s degree in Physical Geography from Yunnan University in June 2021, and continued to study for a doctoral degree at Yunnan University. In October 2023, she got the funding from China Scholarship Council (CSC) for a 2-years study in the research group of Hydrology and Climatology at the Institute of Geography, Heidelberg University. In her doctoral thesis, she mainly studies the characteristics, variability, and future trends of snowmelt-induced floods in high-altitude mountain areas under an increasingly changing environment.

Research interests
  • Snow Hydrology
  • Snowmelt floods
Research projects

Glacier changes and hydrological impact in Hunza River Basin of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor under the influence of climate warming (project funded by NSFC-ICIMOD)
Characterizing the long-term effect of large glaciers on water resource in Asian high mountains and plateaus (project funded by NSFC)

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  • Yi, Y., Liu, S., Zhu, Y., Wu, K., Xie, F., Saifullah, M., 2021. Spatiotemporal heterogeneity of snow cover in the central and western karakoram mountains based on a refined modis product during 2002–2018. Atmospheric Research. 250, 105402-105402.
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  • Zhu, Y., Liu, S., Yi, Y., Qi, M., Li, W., Saifullah, M., Zhang, S., Wu, K., 2021. Spatio-temporal variations in terrestrial water storage and its controlling factors in the eastern qinghai-tibet plateau. Hydrology Research. 52(1), 323–338.
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  • Wu, K., Liu, S., Jiang, Z., Zhu, Y., Xie, F., Gao, Y., Yi, Y., Tahir, A.A., Muhammad, S., 2020. Surging dynamics of glaciers in the hunza valley under an equilibrium mass state since 1990. Remote Sensing. 12(18).
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