Kurt Hiehle

The Kurt-Hiehle-Foundation

Since the 1960s, students who study at the Department of Geography at Heidelberg University have had the chance of receiving financial aid from the Kurt-Hiehle-Foundation. The foundation offers its financial assets to support talented students of Geography. Financial aid especially goes to foreign travel, research for academic papers (Bachelor, Master, State Examination, Doctorate), the printing of final papers, the publication of scientific results in trade journals, and the participation in symposiums and courses dealing with the academic papers’ topics.

Application procedure

Please send your applications to the address indicated on the application form. The directorate will then decide about the funding. The conferences concerning the funding take place at least once a semester.

How can I apply?
Doctorate papers can already be funded while being written. All other papers need to be marked with 2.0 or better before the application can start. The foundation only funds already existing expenses which can be proven (no planned expenses). The foundation reserves the right to only fund parts of endorsed applications. Further information.

How does a complete application look like?
Please consider that only complete applications can be processed. Please use the following application forms to avoid any inconvenience and attach all original receipts of the expenses. Applicants who have received financial support before need to also fill out and attach the form Applicant’s history of funding.

Application forms

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