Please note that funds can only be spent till the end of the respective semester. Funds that are approved for the summer semester are available only till 30 September and potential rests are not automatically transferred to the winter semester. Funds that are approved for the winter semester are available only till 31 March.

Please deliver the application as a PDF file to facilitate the procedure.

Academic Commission (StuKo)

The Study Commission (Studienkommission/StuKo) operates on the level of our Institute and is directly subordinated to the Council of the Faculty of Chemistry and Earth Sciences. The tasks of the StuKo are defined in the Landeshochschulgesetz (LHG) § 26. The Commission’s main task is the distribution of the Qualitätssicherungsmittel (quality assurance funds) The StuKo meets several times per semester. The decisions will then be discussed by the Faculty Council.

Members of the Commission

The StuKo consists of eight members who are entitled to vote: three professors, one research assistant and four students. The student members are elected once a year by a plenary meeting of all students of Geography. Furthermore there are permanent substitutes for all members. The Dean of Studies, currently Prof. Dr. Alexander Zipf, is head of the Study Commission.

Dominik Neumann


Maurice Beck


David Benedict


Benjamin Janssen


Stellvertreter ab WS 2020/21









Applications and ideas are always welcome

Any Geography student or academic member of the institute who has proposals or ideas related to the distribution of the Qualitätssicherungsmittel at the Institute of Geography, can file an application (see below) to the StuKo. The StuKo appreciates reasonable explanations and proactive support by students who want to collaborate on the improvement of teaching via an appreciate application. Therefore it is very helpful when students as well as academics contribute via an application.

The application should be delivered as a PDF and contain the following information:

  • Who files the application (name and e-mail address)?
  • Who will execute the activity and is that person already informed? If the activity should be executed by external academics, it is obligatory that the application is offi-cially supported by a member of the Institute of Geography.
  • What should be financed (justification, necessity, demand)?
  • How much money is needed (rating of costs; if applicable previous funding, e.g. 1,200€ per lecture)?

The application should look roughly like the following example:
Example for an application

Die studentischen Anträge werden nur von den studentischen Vertretern der Kommission und der studentischen Hilfskraft eingesehen. In den Sitz­un­gen werden die Anträge anonym behandelt. Auf diese Weise sollen alle Studenten ermutigt werden, eigene Ideen einzureichen.

When and where applications can be filed?

Generally applications for the following year (April till March) can be filed during the winter semester. The exact deadline and further information will be announced in time via the mailing list.

Delivery of the application:

Furthermore there is the possibility for all students to participate in a potential public meeting of the student members of the StuKo. These meetings generally take place some days before the deadline.

If you are interested, please contact the student association (Fachschaft).

Contact and further information

There is the possibility to contact the StuKo via the student assistant Carina Altmeyer by e-mail and arrange a meeting. In addition all student members are always amenable to ideas and stimulations.

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