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Volumes 16 and 17 of the Knowledge and Space Book Series are out now!

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The general outline of the 19th Symposium "Knowledge and Digital Technology: Spatial Relations in a Digital Age" is online now

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The general outline of the 20th Symposium "Placing the Future" is online now

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Abstracts of "Clashes of Knowledge"


Introduction: The Nexus of Knowledge and Space
Peter Meusburger (Geography), University of Heidelberg (Germany)


Session 1: Borders and Territories of Knowledge

The Demarcation Problem of Knowledge and Faith: Questions and Answers of Theology
Michael Welker (Theology), University of Heidelberg (Germany)

Boundary-Work and Science
Thomas Gieryn (Sociology), Indiana University, Bloomington (USA)

Scientism: Salvation in the Name of Science?
Mikael Stenmark (Philosophy), University of Uppsala (Sweden)


Session 2: Regime Changes of Knowledge Systems

The Role of Alexander von Humboldt in the Emancipation of Science from Religion
Nicolaas Rupke (History), University of Göttingen (Germany)

Science and Religion in Popular Publishing in Nineteenth-Century Britain
Aileen Fyfe (History), National University of Ireland, Galway (Ireland)

Reason, Faith and Gnosis: Three Knowledge Systems and Their Struggle for Hegemony in the Course of European History
Wouter Hanegraaff (Religious Studies), University of Amsterdam (Netherlands)

A Religious Resurgence? The Restructuring of the Religious Field in Eastern Europe After the Collapse of Communism
Detlef Pollack (Sociology), University of Frankfurt/Oder (Germany)


Session 3: Cognitive Dissonance – when the Mind Suffers from Competing Knowledge

When Prophecy Fails and Faith Persists: A Theoretical and Empirical Overview
Lorne L. Dawson (Sociology), University of Waterloo, Ontario (Canada)

Turning Persuasion From an Art into a Science
Robert Cialdini (Psychology), Arizona State University (USA)


Session 4: Heterodox vs. Orthodox Knowledge in Religion

Conflict and Interchange Between Religious Orthodoxies and Heterodoxies in China
Hubert Seiwert (Religious Studies), University of Leipzig (Germany)

How Do Modern European Societies Deal with New Religious Movements?
Eileen Barker (Sociology of Religion), London School of Economics (UK)

When Faiths Collide: the Case of Fundamentalism
Roger W. Stump (Geography), State University of New York (USA


Session 5: Heterodox vs. Orthodox Knowledge in Science

Science and Its Imitators
Harry Collins (Sociology), University of Cardiff (UK)

Unconventional Ideas in Science: Ready for the Nobel Prize Award, or Sent to the Hell of Heretics? Experiences in the Hall of Scientific Fame
Brian Josephson (Physics), University of Cambridge (UK)

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