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Symposia at the Studio of Villa Bosch
Heidelberg University
Department of Geography
Berliner Str. 48
69120 Heidelberg

Anna Mateja Punstein
Katrin Janzen
Laura Suarsana

Email: knowledgeandspace

The general outline of the 19th Symposium "Knowledge and Digital Technology: Spatial Relations in a Digital Age" is online now.

To read the general outline now, click here.


New Videos of the 18th Symposium "Professions and Proficiency: The Rise and Demise of Knowledge" are online now.

To view all the videos, click here.


Participants of "Ethnic and Cultural Dimensions of Knowledge"

  • Antweiler, Christoph (Cultural Anthropology), University of Bonn (Germany)
  • Davis, Diana K. (Geography), University of California (USA)
  • George J. Sefa Dei (Sociology and Equity Studies), University of Toronto (Canada)
  • Desbiens, Caroline (Geography), Université Laval, Québec (Canada)
  • Fairclough, Adam (History), Leiden University (Netherlands)
  • Freytag, Tim (Geography), University of Heidelberg (Germany)
  • Gamerith, Werner (Geography), University of Passau (Germany)
  • Gould, William (Geography), University of Liverpool (United Kingdom)
  • Mgbeoji, Ikechi (Law), York University, Toronto (Canada)
  • Mishra, Ramesh C. (Psychology), Banaras Hindu University (India)
  • Nüsser, Marcus (Geography), University of Heidelberg (Germany)
  • Schlee, Günther (Anthropology), Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology (Germany)
  • SenftGunter (Linguistics), Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics, Nijmegen (Netherlands)
  • SillitoePaul (Anthropology), Durham University (United Kingdom)
  • SmithGregory (Education), Lewis & Clark College, Portland (USA)
  • Wiesmann, Urs (Geography), University of Bern (Switzerland)


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