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New Videos of the 16th symposium "The Role of Socio-Environmental Settings for Learning and Educational Attainment " (2017) online.

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New Book Review of "Knowledge and Networks" (Volume 11) in Hungarian Geographical Bulletin.

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Abstracts of "Learning Organizations"

Session 1: Factors on Organizational Learning

Learning and Unconscious Space
Russ Vince (Leadership and Change), University of Bath (United Kingdom)

Knowing Capitalism: Reconciling Markets, Organisation and Community
Ash Amin (Geography), Durham University (United Kingdom)

Organizational Learning in Risk Governance
Ortwin Renn (Sociology), University of Stuttgart (Germany)


Session 2: The Crucial Impact of Arts 

When Arts Enter Organizational Spaces: Implications for Organizational Learning
Ariane Berthoin Antal (International Relations), Social Science Research Center Berlin (Germany)

Theatre-based Methods in Facilitating Organizational Learning
Tuija Oikarinen (Management Research), Lappeenranta University of Technology (Finland)

Co-Mentoring, a Key to Deep Organizational Learning?
Charles Savage (Management Research), Knowledge Era Enterprises (Germany)


Session 3: Knowledge Transfers and Innovations

How Organizations Learn and Produce New Knowledge - The Case of Innovations
Wolfgang Scholl (Psychology), Humboldt-University of Berlin (Germany)

Learning Strategies in Co-Opetitive Environments
Philippe Baumard (Management Research), Management Research Center of the Ecole Polytechnique (France)

Designing Sequences for Knowledge Exchange: The Hau-Ba Model
Gwenaëlle Grefe & Ahmed Bounfour (Intellectual Capital Management), Paris-Sud XI University (France)


Session 4: Creating Organizational Learning

Learning in Temporary Organizations - the Example of United Nations' World Summits
Kathrin Böhling (Sociology), Social Science Research Center Berlin (Germany)

Can the Concept "Social Space" Reveal a Deep Structure Essential to the Theory and Practice of Organizational Learning?
Victor Friedman (Sociology), Max Stern Academic College of Emek Yezreel (Israel)

The New Geography of Knowledge – Asia’s Role in Global Innovation Networks
Dieter Ernst (Economics), East-West-Center Honolulu (USA)


Session 5: The Role of Locations and Environments

Images and Knowledge – Documenting Organizations?
Nina Kivinen (Management Research), Åbo Akademi University (Finland)

Managing with a Click. Turning Fantasy into Practice, the Example of ERPs
François-Régis Puyou (Management Research), Audencia - School of Management Nantes (France)

Collective Organisational Behaviours and Architectural Spaces – Investigating Micro Settings of Knowledge-Intensive Work Environments
Kerstin Sailer (Architecture), University College London (United Kingdom)


Session 6: Theories and Management of Organizational Learning

Creating Spaces for Learning in (business) Organisations
Ursula Schneider (International Management), University of Graz (Austria)

Relational Distance: Innovation as the Management of Time-Spatial Tensions between Divergent Practices
Oliver Ibert (Geography), University of Bonn (Germany)

Innovative and Adaptive Behavior in an Aging Workforce
Ralf Stegmaier (Psychology), University of Heidelberg (Germany)


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