Martina Ries, Dipl.-Geogr.

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Martina Ries was a former scientific employee at the research group of Economic and Social Geography. She studied Geography in the diploma study course with the subsidiary subjects Economics and Urban Development at the Heidelberg universities and Stuttgart. She wrote her thesis on the topic “Family friendliness as a location factor in of the city of Heidelberg”. The paper created in cooperation with the city of Heidelberg analyses in geographically differentiated view the “hard“ and “soft” location factors for families in cities.

Research Interests

Martina Ries is interested in research topics in the field of demographic studies and social geography. Furthermore urban geographical contents are also among her major interests. Currently she is entrusted with a study on “Cultural and creative industries in the city of Heidelberg” and collaborates in the project on the interdisciplinary symposium and publication series “Knowledge and Space”.


RIES, M. (2009): Familienfreundlichkeit als Standortfaktor: Eine Analyse der familienfreundlichen Ausrichtung der Stadt Heidelberg. Heidelberg. (unpublished diploma thesis).

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